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Kaunos to Kas

I had to work my way back around the lake from Kaunos and so got to enjoy it all over. Just past Kaunos I got a lovely view of the river delta.

I almost hit this suicidal turtle who tried to cross the road. Saved the little bugger.

I had lunch at a lake side restaurant in laid back Koeycegiz.

Getting fuel in Turkey is always interesting. First, youíll never run out. There are gas stations everywhere and a lot of them are huge enterprises with attached mini markets. At around EUR 1.50 fuel is the most expensive I have seen and it pays to look around as there can be quite a difference between stations. However, the price on the road sign doesnít always agree with whatís on the pump. The stars aligned at this station. As soon as I unmounted my tank was refueled by an assistant while a female assistant offered my some lemon scented hand cleaner, the same you get after each meal here. She also offered me some tea with my fuel. Now thatís service. When I paid with my credit card I noticed the eclectic collection of payment processing machines. There must be many competing systems here but my cashier handled the transaction with a big smile and without a glitch.

Shortly later I finally figured out what the water that is running out of pipes along the road is for. I had seen this many times already but could never make sense of it. Itís a Turkish car wash. Iím still a little puzzled though. The water always runs and it seems to be an incredible waste of water.

After getting stuck in a traffic jam on a bridge, due to a May day celebration, I reached the coast again. Once again nice views of the Aegean see.

The coastal road took me straight to Kas. I have dreaded this part of the trip. In my imagination the coast is packed with concrete bunker hotels filled with Speedo clad all inclusive European drunk tourists. Well, that part is still to come but a guy I met in Selcuk recommended Kas and I liked what I saw. I pitched my tent next to an Austrian couple, which came the long way up from Tanzania on their bikes.

They told me of the cold weather ahead and so Iíve settle in for a few days, enjoying the good life, hoping things warm up a bit in the Northeast.

A nice sun halo could be seen on the day of my arrival.

P.S.: The much dreaded Speedo man did make an appearance.
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