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Does this sound like it fits the symptoms?
Add fuel or let it cool and all is fine.
Cold ambient temps and all is fine.
Hot ambient temps and it all happens faster.
Traffic, where radiator heat is soaked into fuel tank, all is worse.
Freeways, more airflow throught radiator so less absorbed into tank, runs better.

Get the idea?[/quote]

good assumptions , yes .......but mine began to fail with rain approaching brrrhh, and i was holding a constant speed for close to an hr of 140 ks per hr, yes real ks gps hooked up, to see the fuel consumption rate at this speed and for the fun factor, and also once the bike was switched off and then straight back on again it was fine for another 15 - 20 mins before slowly getting worse on a progressive downward scale,
It was a long day Coolgardie to Fremantle so by the end i was doing it on the move , as soon as i felt the bike becoming slack in the power i would if i remember correct turn off the key so every thing was dead and then turn it back on then hit the starter with the clutch pulled in, down a gear to fourth or fivth and away she'd go again. 500 odd ks of this and i was home, not before stopping at the pub in freofor a well earned ale geez it was cold had to stop in Merrinden? for a poncho.

I am hoping that there are'nt any spooks in the fuel pump maybe im just unlucky and i bet im not the only one hopeing that but , i rekon there is a suspect issue with them as a few people seem to have had similar issues. Time will tell .

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