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Mozambique on a KTM690

The plan - From Indian Ocean to Lake Malawi and back.

Based in Tanzania, we have been talking about this one for a long time and finally got a gap after a short rainy season left the area not-flooded for a change.

"Prego no Pao" - as we planned it:

The crew: Klavs (KTM690), Babu (KTM525), myself (KTM690)

Pulling the bikes down to the Mozam border we ran into yet another KTM rider coming up from South Africa. These orange things are getting pretty popular in the bush over here...

Heading for the border early sunday morning, we went 20km on broken tar in the wrong direction, with 2 gps switched on... finally figuring out how the arrow works, Babu's KTM started loosing power. Twisting the throttle, the problem seemed to go away momentarily. Looking back, Babu noticed a shiny back rack where his fender pack used to be and the smell of burning socks coming off the exhaust... Yup, a great start indeed...

Babu's one and only T-shirt

The new improved fender pack with the old medical kit ripped to bits (including the contents).

Passing through the immigration and customs with no issues, we reached the river crossing. Starting price for a boat ride was $150 per person, but after Klavs's kiswahili bargaining skills kicked in, we got onboard for $25 each.

The Ruvuma river - 2km wide at the crossing point

Finally into Mozambique and again no hassles at the border post. Moz can be quite dry and barren, but after the rainy season the jungle is lush green with elephant grass shooting up everywhere.

With dry throats we chased through the twisties until we finally reached the coast in a cowboy town of note - Mocimboa da Praia. Feeling very pleased with my make-shift-rig for holding a giantloop bag, i noticed something black on the exhaust, that sidi boot kind a black...

Finding some cold ones, spirits were high and things were looking promising with all the bugs sorted out, or so we thought.

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