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Originally Posted by Ballbearing
Hey, I've been researching for the last month or so and I am more confused than ever.

I'm ready to get a new suit but I don't know which. Somebody dress me please before my head explodes.

I currently wear Joe Rocket ballistic jacket and pants. It's gonna be way too hot this summer. It's already too hot now.

I live in the midwest where the high temps are around 90 to 100 and the humidity is 90% or so. The winters are equally as bad: Cold and wet. I can deal with the cold, though. I hate the heat. I do plan on taking several trips away from here (because I hate Indiana), but I believe whatever I get can be made to work in those instances.

A while back I was directed towards the Sirocco jacket as an all around item. I'm still interested in that, but I am leaning more towards a shorter jacket. My current ride has upright seating so the length isn't really a problem, but my joe rocket jacket is longer and bunches slightly. I did read a review stating that the Sirocco's construction is loose allowing light to be seen through the outer shell. How does this work for protection from the sun?

Speaking of protection: Protection is more of a concern to me than comfort. I am willing to sacrifice and sweat a bit if that means less, or no, road rash.

I've been trying to find something good enough for every season here, but I don't think it exists. I'd rather not buy two, or more, different setups but if that's what needs to be done so be it.

To recap: My number one priority is safety with number two being comfort in the heat. I plan on wearing an electric jacket in the cold.

For sizing - I'm 5'9" and 175 pounds. About 35.5 inches around the belly button with a 41 inch chest.


PS. I'll take glove suggestions as well. I'm leaning towards the comet.
I live in Bryan Texas and we have high 90s with high humidity also. The Cayenne Pro is NOT very comfortable even with all the vents open when high temperature + high humidity. When I rode to West Texas where it was high 90s and low humidity, the Cayenne Pro was fine.

I am afraid you will most likely have to purchase two sets of riding gear like I did ... I purchased the Turbine jacket / pants for the hot months and the Cayenne Pro for the NOT so hot months!

The good news is that Dennis will GLADLY sell you BOTH !

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