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Originally Posted by Ballbearing

I was afraid that two sets of gear would be required.

If I have to buy two sets, which mesh gear? I know that the Turbine is the safest, but how much less protection does the Typhoon and Air provide? I don't really need a rain liner for a strictly summer jacket. Besides, I will probably wear a one piece rain suit anyway if need be.

Also, How much warmer is the black compared to the lighter colors?

Maybe I should just move away from "the armpit of America". That would make this decision easier.

I ALWAYS go with colors that reflect the heat if possible! I have just spend to many miserable miles in EXTREME heat / humidity in all black riding suits ... in the silver colors, the heat isn't as noticeable.

Dennis will have to answer the other questions about quality of the individual lines. I got the Turbine for the hot months (May-October) and the Cayenne Pro for the other months. I really like the comfort of the Rev'it gear. My only complaints in the Cayenne Pro and Turbine series is that Rev'it didn't include the upgraded back armor (I still don't understand why anybody would purchase either set of cloths and NOT want the upgraded back armor)!

Just make sure the Rev'it gear fits you and you will be a very happy rider.

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