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Good Idea!

Hey: I like the idea of riders placing arrows for the bikes at RallyMoto (TM). Thanks Chris.

In the last couple of RallyMoto's (TM) I did, the arrows didn't help much or I didn't see them in time.

We should come up with a system that makes sense for the Bikes, as the cars have co-drivers so they don't depend on the arrows as much as we do, or would like to. Right now most of us just ride by the seat of our pants so to speak.

One idea would be to have one arrow ( the red enduro sized ones) a certain distance from the turn.
Two arrows a little closer and three arrows closest to the turn, maybe 200ft or so. This way if a rider misses the first arrow, and comes up on a two or three set of arrows, he would know he's really close to the turn. The distances of the arrows from the turns would have to be fairly consistant however. When we arrow an enduro, there is a system to it. The angle the arrow sits has to be close the the angle of the approaching turn. For example.

It's also important that a fast guy prerides and checks the arrows placement, to see if the arrows are able to be seen and in the correct location when at speed.


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