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Man, you are 1 crazy POM. As much as your parents are worrying their guts out over your perceived foolishness, I reckon after you've safely made it home and they've had time to reflect, they're going to be mighty proud of your unbelievable achievement. Then your ol man will repeat those words "Get a job".

Still, you're doing what a lot of us can only dream of and for that you have my respect you loonatic.

Not to dampen your enthusiasm, as I'm sure you had a blast throwing Dot around on those trails, but just keep in the back of your mind how far away is the nearest medical facility, and what level of expertise will be working on you in the event you did have a mishap - I mean, I'm sure others following would hate not only to see you hurt, but to see a great RR come to a premature end would be devestating.

Stay Safe man!

I know, itís not a KTM or a Beamer. . . . . . but aye, itís got two wheels & Iím goín

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