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Originally Posted by jetpoweredmonkey
We rode Rayhouse from the west end (Berryessa-Knoxville) to east (Highway 16) on Saturday. Both ends are closed. The west end is easy to skirt by either climbing the embankment by the gate or going through the bushes, which could be done, with a bit of care, even on a ginormous beast.

The east end is also closed but no problem at all to get through. Watch out for that zero ton weight limit bridge, though! Yeah, right...but if you're worried, you can cross in the creek easily enough!

The views were spectacular and we encountered no other vehicles nor enforcement officials. The road is in pretty bad shape on the west end with several washouts but would not be a problem even for most 2WD cars and very easy on the bikes. The rest of the road is smooth and easy with a few minor rockfalls, no challenge at all. Seems like a must-do ride if you're in the area just for the scenery. Slightly off topic, has anyone visited the Knoxville OHV area?

The first pic is the west end of Rayhouse, the last pic is the Highway 16 end.

Well its a shame this road is closed. I have been around the west gate and turned around at the other gate twice. I cant find a way to fit a big BMW with jugs around that HWY 16 gate.

On the Knoxville topic yes i know the area well and ride it quite a bit. Im one of the few OHV Napa County Deputies that patrols it and writes tickets. CA State parks is looking into putting some money into the trail system there. This one of the few OHV parks in north part of the state. If there ever was a time to let your voice be heard about keeping OHV and pulic lands open for motorcycles now is the time. As you can see the state is in the whole and its affecting the counties budgets so roads like Rayhouse are closed due to funding. Pay your red and green sticker fees and if you get a ticket thank the nice man and pay it telling your self this is helping the State budget.
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