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Keyser / Averell's Raid

This "Two-fer" marker is located at the intersection of WV Rt 220 and Carskadon Lane in Keyser, Mineral County WV

Keyser was originally named Paddy Town after Patrick McCarty, son of one of the original settlers. 1852 saw the coming of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, beginning the change of a quiet rural community to a thriving industrial center. The name was changed to New Creek Station, then shortened to New Creek.
In 1861, The War of Northern Aggression settled into the valley. Fort Fuller was built on the grounds that now house Potomac State College, and Fort Piano entrenchments were established on New Creek Mountain. Due to great importance of the railroad, the town changed hands 14 times during the war.
When West Virginia became a state in 1863, there was much contention over the location of the County Seat between Piedmont and New Creek [Keyser]. Local businessmen, the Davis Brothers, donated one acre of land for the courthouse which was built in 1867 and is still in use today.
In another political conivance, the town changed it's name once again in 1874 to Keyser, to honor William Keyser, then Vice president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. This action was used to gain favor to ensure that the B & O Railroad would move rail operations from Piedmont to Keyser, insuring a brighter future for the community.


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