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Nemrut Dagi to Tatvan

In the morning I went for a spin to Arsameia the former capital of the king that built Nemrut Dagi. To get there I went down a switchback mountain road. It was a ton of gravel on badly deteriorated asphalt. So I took it easy and slow. Arsamenia has some amazingly well preserved reliefs

and offers nice views of the surrounding area

including the hilltop Yeni Kale, a Mamluk castle

I came down the road in the background

How nice is that

Or that?

I took the road East and arrived just in time for my ferry. I got lucky and the ferry was nearly empty which made it pretty easy to turn around and point in the right direction on arrival. My Zumo was a hit with the locals and they followed the ferry's progress on the map.

I had a lot more territory to cover until Tatvan and rainclouds kept hovering above me. I took a picture of dead mule no 2 and 3 of the day

I also came a across a very fancy turk TUV station in the middle of nowhere. Thanks Germany for exporting more bureaucracy and rules to the rest of the world.

Seljuk bridge on the way.

with cool kids nearby

and another hydro power dam

I considered briefly to pay Batman a visit

A rainbow greeted me on arrival in Tatvan

After some searching I found a hotel with safe parking just across from the military barracks. When I looked out the window of my room I thought the house next door was on fire but it turned out they just had turned on the furnace. It sure looked like they were burning some old tires
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