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I emailed the public works department about the gates of CR40 (Reiff/Rayhouse Road) as well as CR41 (the other dirt road off of Highway 16 that goes east). In particular, I was asking about the accessibility that was promised during the Board of Supervisors meetings.

Here is the response:

"The bridge over Cache Creek has been ranked unsafe for vehicular travel by the Caltrans underwater inspection.

The gate in the east side of CR 40 has been modified (with a five-foot wide opening) to allow pedestrian, equestrian, and off-road vehicle access only.

The gate on the west side of CR 40 remains closed for safety purposes, which is to prevent vehicular access over the bridge from the west; however, there is pedestrian, equestrian, and off-road vehicle access adjacent to the locked gate.

The gates on the remaining county roads (including CR 41) are open for public access."

From the pictures posted most recently in this thread, we can see that the west gate isn't as accessible as they say. I replied by suggesting that the rock on the uphill side should be removed. Or maybe we should just go out with a case of beer and some shovels and be done with it.....
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