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Tatvan to Van

I set out early in the morning for the Armenian church of Altinsac. I programmed the Zumo to lead me to the village nearby. I zipped past some stunning landscapes

Zumo send me down a dirt road. When I reached a village after 3km I asked for directions and whether I could get there, being doubtful seeing the mountains in front of me. One older gentlemen mimicked that it was possible to walk but that there was no road and that I should go the long way around. I confirmed which way to go with the help of the Zumo, which was again a great hit with the gathered crowd. I followed the new route, which again took me down a dirt road for about 15km to the village of Altinsac, where I asked for directions to the church, which was a further 3km. I parked my bike at the start of a single track below the church.

and walked up to Altinsac Kilisesi

I spent a considerable time exploring and just admiring the view across the lake. The church is completely unprotected and some signs of vandalism and graffiti can be seen.
Eventually I pressed on and made my way to the docks for the Akdemar ferries.

I ferried over with a group of teenagers on a school trip. Just as all the teenager in the world they tried to act very cool. One of them giving his best Titanic impression

There clearly was some dating going on between the boys and the girls. Some shy and some not so shy.
Akdemar island:

Because, as I now realised, it was a Sunday the place was very crowded with school classes singing and dancing and families having a picknick. There was a lot of litter everywhere despite the provided trash bins. However, some of the school kids walked around with trash bag picking up the litter. Maybe there is hope and the next generation will take better care of the environment.

Akdemar Kilisesi

Akdemar Kilisesi

Akdemar Kilisesi: Frescoes

Akdemar Kilisesi

Akdemar Kilisesi: Stone carvings

Its all about timing. This is looking at Altinsac,where I was in the morning

I drove the last 40km to Van in heavy traffic as everyone else was going home too.
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