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OK, this'll get mixed reviews ... don't shoot me for having an opinion ...

After seeing the recently posted pics of the TT tank conversion, I LIKE the way it looks! It's a cleaner, more homogenous look. Way better than the factory setup, IMHO, but then no one could accuse BMW of eye pleasing designs. As for the scalloped sides, I think that's some German guys idea of attractive, but it serves the main purpose of adding strength. They do that in car design all the time. A flat side panel would most likely "oil can" unless the material were extremely thick which in this case would partially defeat the purpose of holding more fuel. The photos give the impression of a very well engineered piece of kit.

And the cost, well that's another story. I guess it's like the bike itself ... if you like it and can afford it, you buy it ... ?!

Just my $.02 ... from a guy who doesn't even have an F/GS ... maybe someday ...

Oh, and a question ... Is the dark gray the unpainted version for EU300 less?
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