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Originally Posted by Sasquatch
I have a couple of questions Mario. I am very thankful you make "big guy" sizes, but your t-shirt fits me in girth, but is about 8" too short. Any chance on a tall version? (I wear a 6xl Tall).

Next quesiton is that in your full length undergarments, they fit me in girth again, but they assume I am 7'-6 tall. What type of thread and stitch would I use to hem them much shorter (I am 'only' 6' tall)? I want the fabric to remain flexible. I nee to shorten them by a good 8".
Go to our website and fill out the contact-us form about the shirt. Shipping can send a bit of fabric for you to add to the bottom of the shirt. (Your task to sew it.) About the tights being too long: Take some black nylon thread and tack the seam where you want to cut it. Then, cut it off where you like. No need to hem them if you do not want to as the fabric will not un-ravel. Or..hem if you like. Just make sure to do a good job on tacking the seam. Cool?
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