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A few more updates:

1) I installed the Dirttricks timing chain tensioner. I took many beautiful photos of the stock part and upgraded one, but you'll have to trust me on that, because I can't find them for the life of me and I'm not taking it apart to repeat the process.

Basically, the stock part uses oil pressure alone to maintain pressure on the timing chain, where the dirt tricks part uses a ratcheting mechanism assisted by oil, but not dependent on it.

On my 08, and occasionally on my 09, I would get a bunch of timing noise on startup or idle, which never amounted to a problem but sure doesn't seem right. Since installing this part, the bike has been totally quiet. Very nice.

2) I gave in and bought another Akrapovic pipe. It sounds really nice, a bit quieter than the stock pipe with the bung cut out, and it clearly flows better and allows the engine to run much more freely. Very nice part.

3) On a whim, I decided to race an enduro, and my 300 was in pieces for some upgrades I'm doing. So, despite the fact that the enduro was very tight and technical, I took the 530.

I've done nothing to the suspension other than work out the best bleed settings I could and install a 7.6 kg/mm spring in place of the stock 7.2 for my 200lbs. I haven't raced in 2 years, I've been a lazy trailrider instead, and the place we were racing (Walsenburg, CO) is a gnarly rockpile that puts suspension and technique to the test. Needless to say I was concerned whether I could maintain A-pace on the 530, especially in such a tight area.

Long story short, the bike rocked. It worked really well and I wound up here:

I would have won 4 stroke A, but oh well...

The point is, I'm pretty impressed by a bike that, with a few minor upgrades (gearing, jetting, muffler) can run a good A pace, or do the Trans America Trail, or commute to work, or pretty much any other idea you can come up with that takes 2 wheels.

I really like this bike!
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