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Sfront and I will keep active tags updated here

Welcome to the hottest tag game in Florida. We do it a bit different as we have multiple tags going for you riding enjoyment.

Rulez are found below in post below

Single day tag record holder is Sfront at 23 tags 550 miles

Sfront's Monday Morning update

Monday Morning update

Salt Creek Point - sfront 01-05-2014

Lower Suwanee Conservation Area - sfront 07-20-2014

Tiger Bay WMA - sfront 01-01-2015

Volusia County Skeet
- sfront 01-01-2015

Haw Creek Preserve
- sfront 01-01-2015

Kingdom Hall
- sfront 01-01-2015

Suwanee Boat Ramp -
sfront 01-01-2015

Channel Marker 70
-sfront 01-01-2015

Moses Final Resting Place
-sfront 01-01-2015

Lutz Mural
-sfront 01-01-2015

The BBQ Shack -
sfront 01-01-2015

FR50 off of FR 88 -sfront 01-01-2015

Da Spirits
-sfront 01-01-2015

McIntosh Station
-sfront 01-01-2015

Boyd Lake -sfront 01-01-2015

Annies Cafe
-sfront 01-01-2015

Green Springs Park
-sfront 01-01-2015

Mullet Lake Park
-sfront 01-01-2015

Lake Ashby Park
-sfront 01-01-2015

Big Cypress Trail
-sfront 01-01-2015

Colby Park
-sfront 01-01-2015

Sperling Sports Complex
-sfront 01-01-2015

Coraci Park
-sfront 01-01-2015

Evinston Double
-sfront 01-01-2015

Bone Valley ATV Park - FL Pepper 03-28-2015

HPC 1975 -
Sanjoh 05-13-2015

So what if it was short....I still had a great time!!!

Check here for used tags CFL Tag Map 1-CFL Tag Map 2-CFL Tag Map 3-CFL Tag Map 4
Courtesy of FL Pepper
Central Sandbox TOR 4-Corners Challenge

A little over a year ago some of us were discussing a four corners tour. There was some input, some time frames discussed, some basic rules, but for some drunken reason it never materialized...

Until now.....

Here's the dealeo:

1. You must take a picture of your bike and the target as in the pictures HERE.

2. The same bike must be used and included in each picture.

3. All four tags must be posted in one post.

4. There's no time frame to get these. No 24 hour challenge, no ironbutt. Just grab the tags whenever.

For your reward, there is no gazillion dollar factory ride and contract, no fancy prizes or Hollywood party.

You don't even get to start a new tag.

What you WILL get is your name right here on the first page as one of the few who has completed the challenge and you will bask in the adoring admiration of all the rest of the TOR players!
And the winners are:

CFL Four Corners update with links.

1. Swampy 06-05-2012 Going where no TOR player has gone before.
2. Fl. Pepper 09-03-2012 Keeper of the maps... making the men look like whiny little girls by doing it in 2 days on a WR250

3. Dr.Z 10-22-2012 Ehh! it's 50 miles give or take...
4. jaydee1445 10-22-2012 You rode WHERE on that street bike?????
sfront 11-04-2012 conquering the 4 corners in one day! "turn the f'ing light off... bitch!"
bdolink 08-04-2013 Braving the Dogs Days of summer
7. Zrexrob 11-27-2013 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son grabs Seventh Four Corners Challenge on Iron Maiden.


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