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IMO, at least as smooth as the XR (if one was vibey, there's something wrong, mine have both been very nice, nothing like LC4's which I despise), and they make plenty of grunt (and plenty of overrev, and plenty of everything else). If you need more power than a 530 offers, you're doing it wrong. :-)

The only thing an XR does better than a 530 is get ignored. 530's aren't maintenance whores, but I know an XRR will go 20-30k miles with minimal maintenance because I've done it. The 530 will have been through more oil changes, and probably a piston and rings and maybe valves in that same time. You don't get more power and 50lbs less weight without some tradeoff.

Originally Posted by SVMango
Mornin Brother Ned.

Emerson Biguns (sp?) sold his 530 partially because of the vibes.

I've ridden 640s and know they're paint shakers.

But how is the 530 compared to say an XR650R? You had an XR-R in the

past, I currently have one. Also, will the low end of the 530 keep me happy

after the tractor like XR?
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