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New Final Drive Fluid Amount- substantiated?

Anyone have the latest RepROM for '07 R1200GS?
I don't have the latest, probably the original. I'm trying to find out if the latest that covers the '07 states a different final drive fluid level than 220 ml. I have a 2006 K1200GT and there seems to be references floating about that BMW has changed the fluid level from 220 ml to 180 ml, perhaps to eleviate blowing seals on the failing final drives. I have a similar post going for my K1200GT on another forum, where someone brought this to everyone's attention but only posted a .PDF of a printout copy, without referrence to what models were covered. I just wonder if a similar thing is going on with the GS model. I'd hate to be the fiirst to drain 40 ml of fluid and burn up my drive by TRYING to do the right thing.


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