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Originally Posted by Dustdevill
I have used the 37/11 final drive straight of the R80G/S on my HPN fitted with the brutal Mahle 1043cc conversion in combination with a taller 5th and shorter 1st. Max speed is 180km/h although I have only done 170km/h. Max speed is not the issue here though, When you fit tall suspension with huge static sag it is not a good idea to go flying around at high speeds on the highway.
But boy... when you open her up in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even in 4th the response is devilish and I would easily compare the power at the back to that of the HP2 producing almost 25 more horses than the Mahle motor.
Your's must be pulling like hell with the 1043 kit. Nice.

I have run the 37/11 on my 1000cc hicomp dual-plugged engine and already that moves the bike forward in 1st and 2nd. I will try a 32/10 this year as I will be riding more street than gravel this season and see how that goes. Still got the 33/11 to try after that which in combination with my long 5th should be great with rpm just below 4000 when crusing at around 70-75mph. That is probably going the be the "Alaska" version of my bike in 2011.
I have weight relieved it as best as possible to still be comfy on long distance rides and the bike having no unnecessary optical improvement, just a speedster windscreen for my 6"3' chassis should easily weigh in under 430lbs wet. I wish I had some big scales somewhere local with a 5lbs resolution at around 400lbs.

Anyway, this is your story, don't want to hijack your thread.

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