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Originally Posted by KevinW
I've been doing searches in the DRZ thread about tires but still haven't found the information I'm after. Since I'm probably going to be riding a lot of the same terrain as subscribers to this thread, thought I'd seek information here as well.
Just bought an 00 DR-Z 400S about a month ago, which is my first off road bike, so am in the dark about tire choices. It came with a Michelin S12 rear and M12 front. The knobbies looked to have descent life left in them when I got the bike, although I didn't look that closely. I've put on 350-400 miles since, probably 75% spent on asphalt getting too and from forest roads. Already am needing to have the rear replaced.
In my next set I'm looking for tires that favor off off-road riding but hold up fairly well on asphalt. I keep seeing mention of Dunlop D606 and Pirelli MT 21, but not sure where they fall in the spectrum of off road capabilities. Along those lines, where do the Michelin S12/M12 fall on the scale of on-road/off-road? Will say they have felt pretty reassuring thus far.
Not needing a lengthy reply - maybe something like list tires as either falling in the 25/75, 50/50 or 75/25 off-road/on-road capabilities.
Any help would be appreciated.

I have found a reasonbly priced dual sport tire that performs well on asphalt and carries me up and down fire trails, and gets me decent milage. Not a true MX tire, not a sport bike tire. I'd say a 60 / 40 tire. Oil, tires, chain lube, religion, political affiliations and sexual preferences are good topics to stay clear of. I think if you look back a few posts in this thread, there are several posts on this subject. Good luck!
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