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Originally Posted by HBurgNinja
  1. I keep seeing those shinkos recommended - I've even suggested them as a possibility to Buell riders before, but I can't see them working in mud at all. Kenda 760s seem like the best for mud, based on pics.
  2. I use synthetic in my road bikes, but plain old cheap dino stuff in dirt-based bikes. You'll get so much crap in the engine you'll want to change it long before the oil breaks down.
  3. Pretty much anything except KY works just fine as a chain lube.
  4. Faith and spirituality are for getting you through life. Religion is for what happens next. People could probably avoid a lot of argument if they understood this.
  5. This is the first hooby I've ever had that's been directly influenced by, and influences, my political beliefs. (Mostly AMA issues regarding public land). If I'd ever realized my hobby might become partisan recreation, I might not have been so quick to get into motorcycling.
  6. The very first Private Message I got on this forum was about my sexual orientation. I can't remember the subject anymore, but shortly after signing up I recall responding to a thread in JM. I think I was trying to give an example as to why people should respect others in their community. Someone seemed to think I was coming out. I do not go to JM anymore.

Did I miss anything?
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