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My bike needs washing...
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Originally Posted by David_S
I pulled my apart last night. I have a blue o-ring/seal verses the black one shown in the pictures. Hopefully the color indicates a change in the seal. Mine had no signs of water entry after 11,700 miles with a few solid days of rain and washing with a pressure washer.
Seems you have an "updated" one - how do I know? (since people bubble about me not having a 12GS - sorry guys really sorry)
Well, this is one of the first things my local dealer noticed and told back to central... (I have a BMW GS after all, so we get to discuss things) it seemed that a sensor (he had one on the table and looked like this one on the picture) fails quite frequently (he has had changed at least three back then) on 12GS after... washing it (!) -we don't have much rain here. He also showed me the bike that it came from, in the general area of the tank (didn't care to pin point it for me), but seems this is the one. This insident happened mid-summer (three months ago). So seems BMW knows and PROBABLY (probably) has done something about it.
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