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Originally Posted by trailrider383
Where is the review?
i ran outta steam last night, here it is.

so i had emulators in there and kn ow how they worked. cogent did my for work.

the first thing i notice is how much less the fork dived during braking.
these things do work to reduce rider input dive. that was very apparant.

i took my bike out for a dirt loop i ride all the time on all my bikes. it's close and has dirt & paved twisties. my neighborhood has deep potholes which i purposely hit. the forks were very plush over these. they just absorbed the hole with out any harshness. the emulators were never this plush over these. they were a major improvemnt over stock, but never this plush.

i hit my favorite dirt section. it's a rough road (divots, rocks, washboards, ruts & dips) w/ some smooth strips one can stay one. when the fork was stock i always aimed for the smooth because it was always harsh, esxpecially the washboard & divots). with the emulators it was much better but felt harsh at times, washboards at certain speeds. with the intiminators, i hit it all and it was controlled & plush the whole time. i keep going faster thinking i'd find a weakness. i go to the point i slowed down so i wouldn't hurt myself but the forks worked awesome! 3 thumbs up!

i then hit the twisty paved section. the forks held tight & controlled. the forks were planted to the ground. i hard braked a few times and fork dive was less than before and controlled. i like these, they're a keeper.

others have described them as stiff yet plush and i agree. when you need plush they are when you need stiff they are. Ricor has an amazing product for our DR. this is a must do fork mod!
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