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Your new and revised route

The part of US 50 that you will miss by going to Denver is pretty impressive. From Pueblo I'd stay on 50 until it merges with I70( this is a beautiful alpine stretch with decent smaller towns), then get off 70 when 50 drops off again. This will head you into the area known as the lonliest highway in the lower 48. Get the T-shirt so you can brag to your friends. This is the part of the US where you will find yourself on the crest of a hill with the road ahead just as straight as a survey line for as far as the eye can see, no trees, no cross traffic, and no oncoming traffic. If you want to wring the throttle to the stop, now's the time 'cause it's just you and God. Make sure you don't pass a gas stop without filling up since it might be 100 miles before you see another drop of fuel or water. If you want adventure, this is the place.

Damn, I gotta get back!

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