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Originally Posted by n8foo
Have you ever ridden out in the Mississippi delta? How about camping out there? Any words of advice? Will alligators try to sneak into my tent?

I've riden down to Venice, which is about as far as you can go down the delta by road. You can't actually get to the mouth of the river by road. There's a lot of nice open (read wide, moderately well paved, and not speed controlled!) roads down to there, but really not much to see. Once you get south of New Orleans, civilization nearly drops off the map. There's an oil refinery here, and a little town there...but not really worth the trip in my opinion.

There's some bayou riding in another direction, if that's what you're looking for.

As for camping and gators....let's just say that I haven't camped here yet.

Let me know when you expect to be here, and I'll try to get a few days off work to ride and show you around.

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