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hey drb, where about in alberta are you?
I just picked up the same kit, vancouver Supermoto right?

Anyways, i'm having an issue with my headlight ( not working) let me explain:

HAve 200w stator spit into 2x100, 1 ac system for headlight, 1 dc system for everything else, dc system is workin perfect.
The ac system gets power through a single wire that goes from one of the stator coil wires to the stock ac regulator that was replaced with a dc one that came with the kit.
So...power from stator plugs into the positive (white/yellow) on the regulator and then from the positive dual female end a wire goes to power on headlight.
theres a wire from the negative on the headlight that goes to a negative on the ac regulator and a wire that grounds to the frame from the negative dual femal end.

Now, from what i've been reading i need to "float the ground" (ie. take it off), will this solve my problem?


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