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Originally Posted by DolphinJohn
Ok, now I'm more confused. Isn't #5 the valve? I don't get why they show the hose broken up in to several parts. the hose from the top of the canister goes back, unbroken to the rear #5 then a short hose from #5 in to the tank.
The other hose from the top of the canister goes right across the bike to the "pressure switch" or whatever it's called. Another hose from that switch connects to a T which is one hose from each throttle body.
No, #5 is the screw. Look on the right hand side of the image. It has a key, showing #5 as being the screws that hold #3 (the Safety Valve) on. I myself am going to unhook the hose from the canister that goes to the back of the tank to the Safety Valve (#3) and let it dangle. Then I'm going to unhook the hose that goes from the canister to the "Pressure Switch" and put a rubber vacuum cap on the "Pressure Switch" inlet bung. Then I'm going to leave all of the hosing between the "Pressure Switch" and throttle bodies intact, including the T. No need to remove that stuff. It won't cause any harm, becase it's all after the "Pressure Switch" thingy. Then I'm going to remove that canister and call it good.

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