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Originally Posted by Renner
How do you weight-relieve a bike that comes lean out of the box?
Nippon-Denso starter... uh, helium in the tires... um... I'm out of ideas (baring lightening holes and such).
If you're talking about an ST...
Which when it came from the factory was one of the lightest 800cc class bikes. But still.
There's still a fair amount of weight that can be trimmed off of it.
Get rid of; stock rack, license plate bracket, front turnsignal/headlight bracket and H/L, center stand, head guards & sidestand, stock big speedo and tach, stock handle bar, stock battery, stock turn signals. stock foot pegs and three stripe valve covers.
Replace these parts with nothing or a much smaller and lighter version of them.

Then it's crazy time.
Different subframe, solo seat, new exhaust, no airbox,
New rims, lighter brake rotor. different forks. light weight fuel tank.

I bet with some money and time you could shave more then 50 pounds off of an ST
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