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Good for you Korben - I was in Wales last weekend (in a car unfortunately) and the roads are glorious, without exception the people were warm, friendly and hospitable.

I was in North Wales, around Dollegau, and it was nice and quiet. We went further north to Betws-y-Coed for an evening and it was a zoo (best avoided unless you like crowds).

Beware the traffic-police up there. Years of over-enthusisastic sports bike riders with race-exhausts created a monster called Chief Constable Brundstrom. He would love to see you relieved of your licence. The roads are too good not to have a bit of a blast but look out for mobile speed traps and unmarked patrol cars/ bikes.

Also - I've a friend who tours on a Ducati 916 Senna and I'm sure you've seen nathanthepostman here on ADV - so your Hornet looks like a perfect weapon to me!

Enjoy the trip - looking forward to seeing the report!

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