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There is no such thing as the perfect dual sport tire. We can't have great mileage, good wet and dry asphalt traction... and good dirt traction too.

I've been trying out some Maxxis 6006s. I put a set on last month, went to Loadepalooza and did 800 miles of fast and very wet asphalt, fast gravelly dirt, rocks, mud and so on.
The asphalt portion consisted of chasing big BMWs and KTM 950s at speed, frequently well over 80mph on soaking wet highway.

Rear is about 10-15% worn, front about 5%. Look like they might survive for maybe another 2K+ miles. Almost as good on wet asphalt as the Saharas before them, way better in the dirt, and the best part... under $100 the pair.

Saharas, about $250-300 per pair... last about 4K to 5K miles. Good street, fair dirt.
Maxxis, under $100 per pair... last about 2.5K to 3K miles. Fair to good street, good dirt.

When these are worn, I'll probably try something else out... looking for the "perfect dual sport tire".
No particular bias for Maxxis, just wanted to point out that they are pretty damn good tires for the money.
So... how's tricks?
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