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Thanks for all of the replies. I've actually been thinking about doing a trip up the the Mackinac Bridge. If I get the chance I'll definitely let you know X-RoadRider. What kind of 125 do you have? As far as keeping up 55 to 60 mph is my best cruising speed.

As far as the purpose of the Irish Hills Towers was to provide an observation deck for the surrounding lakes and hills and to help promote tourism back in the 1920's. Originally there was only one tower but the land owner next to it built another tower just next to it and made it taller. Then they kept making the towers taller and taller until they both reached an agreement to stop the feud about who had the taller tower. A little more on the towers here:

I did get to go up in the towers one time with my family before they closed to the public back on 2000. That's the reason I wanted to go back there and take some pictures.

The milk crate is indeed a Touratech product, what you didn't see it in the new 2009 catalog? Its the best luggage you can find the the klr250.
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