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I think I read somewhere, but cannot remember where I read it, that if the engine rpm is too low then the decompression device will start to function. Is this true? At what rpm? What if I am puttering around on the trail at idle and lug the engine down a bit will it damage something? I am wondering if some of the strange sounds coming from the engine are the decomp trying to work.

Went for a few play rides over the last few days to warm the 530 up and let it cool. Yesterday got the JDJetting kit and installed it that night. much smoother throttle response at low speed, in stock form it was kind of "pipey". A bit boggy and then vroom it was off. Today I spent some time on some more serious trails, about 25 miles worth, and man was it fun. Need to lower the gearing. I didn't think it would need it being a 6-speed but I was wrong. 14/48 is what I will use. This bike was great in the whoops, I was doing third gear at about 30mph through them without a problem and railing around short bends like never before.

Question about the chain guides:Is the front chain guide/swingarm guard supposed to drag on the chain pretty snug? I noticed with the bike off the ground on the maintenence stand there was pretty good resistance when I was turning the rear wheel. The only thing I could find that is rubbing is the chain going through the front guide. It is captured top and bottom with no space between chain and rubber.
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