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Originally Posted by bxr140
I think you might be a bit premature with your diagnosis, mostly because I haven't had a stalling or poor running problem for 3 months and 3000+ miles.
I didn't claim to "diagnose" anything.

I didn't fully disconnect the canister from the system. I purposely only unhooked the hose from the solenoid to the manifold so only one variable was changed--specifically, the evap system to the engine. As BMW has already acknowledged, some bikes have a problem with the evap system to the tank (the 'tank vacuum' problem), but I didn't want to make both of those changes at the same time, especially since my bike didn't indicate a vacuum problem when I took it in for the fuel gauge.
As I said before, if you didn't actually disconnect the hose from the fuel tank purge valve to the input of the canister, then you wouldn't have any smells or liquids. It's all in the canister.
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