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Think of what some call 'tip over lines'.
There are three tip over lines on a sidecar outfit.

2) One tip over line is between the bike front tire and the sidecar tire.Turn away from sidecar and rear wheel unloads. Bad case the nose of the sidecar hits the ground. Worst case is the rear of the bike goes over the sidecar.

I have the perfect example to illustrate this.

I have published these photo's some time ago, can't remember where and when.

Taken by Mick Fagan at the BMW Vic rally in the Grampians 1986. I was standing alongside Mick when he shot these remarkable photo's of my 1st outfit.

Background. The guy's are, Jim Judd (RIP) the pilot and builder of my outfit, and Frank Cachia and were competing in a gymkhana event that involved going as fast as they could in a figure 8 track.

Me thinks I could have done with a wee bit more lead

BTW, measured up the Tuck Truck tonight.

Sidecar wheel lead is 360mm (14"), wheel base is 1650mm (66''), wheel track is the same as a Toyota Land Crusier, 1495mm (60'').

Hard to lift the sidecar wheel, (also helped by the fact the sidecar body is bloody heavy) and heavy on steering at low speeds.

Eveb though it has a reasonably high ground clearance, 200mm (8'') at the front and 300mm(12'') at the rear, I can punt this pretty quickly on both tar and dirt, much to BMW Aust horror, when we rounded up the GS boys on a wet greasy track in Tassie

BTW if you are wondering, both the guy's and the outfit survived.

Rode back home to Melbourne about 250 kms no worries
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