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You should be able to hook it up: a (black) cable comes from the points-in-beancan and feeds the Dyna booster. I am not sure whether the condenser is used in conjunction with a booster, the booster manual should say. The Dyna booster then feeds the coil directly via another cable. The stock BMW booster is OUT of the equation with this setup.

You have to run one (1) wire from the beancan to the booster and one from the booster to the Dynacoil. If it is the green dual-tower dyna coil, it has no polarity: one input gets 12V from green/blue cable (that previously connected to the stock coil) and the other to the black coming from the booster. The booster should need 12V too: run an extension from the green/blue cable to power the booster. You will need chassis ground from somewhere connected to the booster. The kill switch kills power to the green/blue, so you're all set there: kill switch kills power to coil and booster.

Hope that helps.

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