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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden
I assume you moved the cables and hoses behind the fork tubes? If so, you may have to lift the tank and do a bit of repositioning of the throttle cable to get it to cleanly reach.

As for the E-10 Torx, use a 9mm, IIRC, closed end wrench to loosen and tighten them, or replace the E-Torx with allen screws like I did.

I had an 8mm 12 point that worked but I'm too afraid of rounding off the heads to turn hard. It is kinda snug in there. I'll find the E10 Torx wrench at some point but I think the 8mm did a good enough job. I'll have to look at my main tool set to see if I have any 6 point metric box wrenches. Too lazy right now. Just got my AC turned on for the first time this year. I think I wanna take a nap now.

As for lifting the tank. Ugh. I've only got about 250 miles on this tank so far so it's still half full. I'll run some more out.

Thanks Jim. You're helpful as always and I do want you to know I appreciate it.

From just sitting on the bike in my garage (making vroom vroom noises) I can tell it's going to be an improvement. My forearms are level now and when I stand I can grip with my knees locked out. I do that on long rides to cool my butt and the seat and before I could only reach with my fingertips unless I bent my knees or leaned forward.

Wish I had this in place before yesterday when I spent 7 hours riding through the Smoky Mountains. (I know y'all feel sorry for me.)
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