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Today started brilliantly. I got the last few things packed and got myself on the road about 9am. This was unfortunately still rush hour in Derby (Where I live), but I filtered my way through the traffic with only one driver beeping at me. Although filtering is legal in Britain it makes drivers of expensive cars mad because.... Well they get passed and they are mardy. He beeped at me due to basically giving me a big enough gap to get through even though he tried to cut me up and stop me. Quick shake of the head from me and move on.
Quickly through all that and off into the countryside. Fantastic riding and all was going well until my bladder interrupted the fun (It does that a lot...). 10:15 in the morning and I pull into a Pub car park. Thankfully the owner was outside sorting the beer garden out so I worked my magic and she let me use the bathroom even though they didn't open for about 45 minutes.

Back on the road again and I was in Wales quicker than I expected.... Then back out again due to turning back to get fuel. Anyway back into Wales again and I realised why it’s so popular. Amazing countryside and roads.
I eventually got onto the Horseshoe Pass which has “The Ponderosa Cafe” on it. A cafe famed for attracting bikers. Halfway up I pulled in for a quick break and took a couple of photo's (Nothing worth seeing unfortunately), then tooled back up and set off. About 2 miles up the road the view was awesome. A couple of bikers were parked up along with a whole coach load of OAP’s. I pulled in behind the bikes, took my lid and jacket off and wandered over to the bikers. Only then I realised I had pulled up right behind my friends bike who I was due to meet at The Ponderosa.
We enjoyed the view then went to my B&B so I could drop off my backpack and all the other bit’s I didn’t need. My Backpack was the Knox 6 pack backpack. Have to say it works very well and even though I had a fair bit of weight on my back I never felt it as the straps distributed it all very well.

We got ourselves a bite to eat at The Ponderosa then got on the bikes to head for Barmouth.
At this point I would like to apologise for the photos. I have only a simple point and click camera and to be honest if I had thousands of pounds worth of camera equipment I still wouldn’t be able to take a good photo.
First stop was a place called Bala which has a stunning lake.
This ugly fella is me (Thanks to my friend Dave for taking the photo)

After a quick break there we headed to Barmouth.

Then I saw my one opportunity to get a weather picture. The one and only cloud for the day.

We left Barmouth. My friend Dave was heading down south on his own little trip, but we stopped at a few places to snap a few pictures. The views are just stunning.

My friend Dave catching a few snaps of his own..

I know the next one is essentially the same as above, but I couldn’t decide which one I liked best

Me and Dave headed off again and went off our separate ways at the next roundabout.

This gave me the opportunity to make regular stops for photo’s which I did!!

Lake Llyn Celyn.

All in all an amazing day. So far the only thing I realise I have forgotten is my trainers so I have no non-biking foot ware.
I am now back at my B&B enjoying the view from my window and wondering just how much I have sunburnt my face today. Knackered, but looking forward to tomorrow. Already thinking about next years touring. I think I have the bug!!!

I will be uploading video (I have a video camera system on the bike), but at the moment, it’s all very raw video and have about 9gig at the moment to work through. To be honest that will probably be in a week or two’s time.
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Tour 1. Wales:

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