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Originally Posted by WoodWorks
Functional for what? I agree, markymcd, if you're going to sp end all your riding time on the Interstate, then those Popemobile screens might get you into a dome of silence. But if you're going to spend any time at all off pavement (and if you're not, why on earth would you buy an F800/650GS?), then those big screens are just an excellent opportunity to get your larynx severed every time you go over a whoop. DAMHIK.

Me? I'm sticking with the stock screen and a good pair of ear plugs.


Originally Posted by DockingPilot
The only problem is that I'm going to be riding 3,300 miles. 2,000 of which are crossing the plains states. If you've never been in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Nebraska, then you don't know what wind really is. I'll take my Popemobile screen any day in order to not have back pain from fighting the wind all day! Then I'll take it off when I'm going to ride aggressively. It's not like the thing has to stay on at all times!
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