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It had been many years since I had rode a motorcycle, so when I got my current motorcycle, back in July 2008, I pretty much neglected all my other activities and rode rode rode. Well now its time that I get back and try to resurrect at least one of those activities. I had started on a website that had some social networking qualities that incorporated phone calls(kinda like a myspace-grandcentral mashup). You add me as a buddy, vice versa, and were able to initiate phone calls to each other. The cool part is each of our phone numbers are masked from each other. You dont really have to worry about giving out your number anymore, just send them to your 2myzone page and have em call you from there. So if any of you wanna sign up on I'd appreciate it. Your numbers are safe, I dont plan on selling your phone numbers to anyone. Give it a spin, add me as a buddy and let me know what the site needs.

My 2Myzone Page
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