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After a very sparse breakfast, even for Iranian standards, I take a short walk to the Falak-ol-Aflak castle, which sits on a hill in the middle of the city.

It is not very photogenic on the inside. There is just too much dodgy plumbing, wiring, lighting, and air conditioning marring the historic walls. The castle does however have a very nice museum. Especially the section about the Nomads of Lorestan is very informative and has signs in English as well. Back outside I reckon itís clean your toxic chemicals bottles day.

I first thought the guy is just going to dump them into the sewer. I get on one of the castle towers to have a view of the city

In the afternoon I give the bike some TLC and take a ride to the ruins of the Shapuri bridge

Just before taking the above picture I get rear ended by a little kid on a 50cc. Itís on a field in the middle of nowhere with nobody else around. How he managed that is beyond me. He just bends my license plate and breaks his blinker off and gets a crash course in English swear words.
After yesterdayís dining disaster I look for a different restaurant and come a across this one:

Itís not what you think. Itís a Mashaal and itís even worse than the other other restaurant with the double arch.
On my way back I walk past a spooky playground

Iím afraid that Khorramabad will not make my list of favorite cities. It has so many things going for it: A nice setting surrounded by mountains, rivers running through it and enough ruins in the city and sprinkled around it to make it interesting. However, the rivers have been turned into smelly sewers filled with garbage that everyone just drops wherever they go, the traffic and pollution is of course horrendous too.

Read in the next installment how I wet myself on the road to Esfahan.
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