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Originally Posted by DockingPilot
In all honesty though, I rode the stock suspension pretty hard this weekend at a dual sport event and Ill tell ya, it wasn't bad! Much better than my TE610 stock forks and on par with my 950A. I was able to ride the bike very fast through some rocky sections. I was surprised. not perfect by any means, but certainly as bad as I expected. It didnt warrent a thread "800GS good bike but poor suspension" imho.
If I hadnt already bought a shock and fork kit, I just might have considered leaving it alone. Maybe.
The shock anyway.
+2 I've ridden my F800GS offroad numerous times now, and have not been "disgusted" by the suspension as others have. For me it works just fine, but maybe that's because I weigh 185 lbs. This bike is set up from the factory for a 187 lb rider. States it in the manual as well. The most I think I'm going to do is put on that Hyperpro rising rate spring set.
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