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I got a Laminar Lip for my F800GS too. Mounted it as high as I could w/ the supplied Dual-lock dots and the noise was worse than the stock screen and I was getting quite a bit of buffeting. I removed the dots, got some 3" strips, mounted two each side so I would have 6" of adjustment. I was hoping that I could find a sweet spot. This set-up gave me from just about 2" of Lip above the stock screen to just below where I had initially had it. I can't find any position with that Lip that is better than stock, in fact they are all worse. And I have played with this thing for over a week of riding now. I don't find that stock is all that bad, but I was hoping for what I can get if I duck down a bit. In fact I find that the noise is almost non-existent when I am standing in clean air so I know it isn't my helmet. Stock is where I will settle I guess as I don't really like the look of any of the tall screens and I liked the idea of easily removable option of the Lip for going offroad. I did consider the Tourtech clip-on extension, but haven't read anywhere that makes that sound like that is a better solution. Stock I don't really have any buffeting, just noiser than when in clean air or ducking down. But it isn't so noisey that I can't hear my mp3, phone, bike-bike comms via Cardo Scala Q2 at even 80+mph; so stock is definately livable. I am 5'9", regular seat, and wearing a Zeus ZS 2100B dualsport helmet. My $.02
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