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We'll have your bike arranged this week and ready for you before you reach.

Heads up on the road status, recent words of a fellow inmate

4 laning in progress before Kiratpur - arbit diversions. Normally not so bad, but the rain has turned the diversion sections to slush in places, not such a big problem though.

Some repairs on the Bilaspur Mandi sector - with marble sized stones scattered all over the other side of the road. Interesting if you chance upon it on the curves at speed.

Marhi to Rohtang top + a couple of km on the other side. Usual makeshift road building has gone west, this road is really the pits. You got it all, potholes, slush etc. Past Rohtang top, in the afternoon, once the snow melt accelerates, you get to go wade thru a cold, high altitude 40 cm deep swimming pool as well (no other way), water above axle depth, 10 cm below spark plug, so it may make sense to do this bit early in the morning. Baralacha la is in the worst shape - when I went there, a days after the road had opened, it was merely a path cut thru the ice walls with one slippery track extending partially thru the packed snow, and another wheel track in the 6" deep ice water nullah (which is what you should ride thru, as you will get some traction).

Nakeela and Lalchangla - smaller (and easier) versions of above

Beware of snow at Tanglangla - I got screwed there by a sudden snowfall, rocks and slush frozen solid, once the snow covers the ground and obscured the rocks, even getting the bike thru at walking pace is not a possibility. And at 5000+ meters and at least 10 minus, you'd better have survival gear, and rations.


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