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Slightly modified Calsci Screen

As promised (as if anyone actually cares) a few pictures of my Calsci Screen where I have used spacers in the bottom mounts to lean it back a bit and make it a bit better offroad without cutting it down. I found in the original position that I was looking through the screen too much and it also intruded a lot on my vision when I stood up.

As I have barkbusters I also had to enlarge the handlebar cutaways for clearance in the new position.

Apart from being too impatient to mask the screen when I took to it with a rotary file and marking it I am happy.

It is much quieter and warmer. I think that the bottom corners act a little bit like the winglets on the 1200GSA because even my legs are warmer and drier than with the standard screen. I am so much happier riding distances now that the seat doesn't even seem THAT uncomfortable any more.

The Side View;

The Front View;

The View from the front showing longer mounting bolt for spacers;

The view from inside showing the spacers, the back mountings are fairly adjustable so changing how far back the screen leans is not hard;

I know I should have washed it for the photos but they are meant to be dirty aren't they?
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