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Old 06-10-2009, 02:12 PM   #1
Slopez22 OP
skooter rider
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Joined: Feb 2005
Location: Paris, tn
Oddometer: 220
Trans AM in May... parts of it.

OK some of the trail, and more wanderings that were not. Atempting the trail early means you are going to see beautiful country, and sometimes see it twice as you back track to find a different way around closed FS roads!

So I leave Paris May 1st with Steve Boatanchor in tow.

We stopped for gas somewhere in TN before we get to the start in MS.
Mississippi is pretty nice in parts, I didnt know there were so many pine trees down here.

I didn't realize I looked like the Beverly HillBillys

But local scenery was nice.

nice creek crossings...

And here is Steve with a flair for the dramatic!

Well Steve had to head back home... so I went solo from there...
until I found this guy near the MS river... I was lonely so I stopped to chat!

he wasn't much on talking so I just got a pic, and left him to himself.

If you all remember, the weather was all over the news... flooding.
I camped outside of Helena, Ark the first night, and it was nice...
until about 1 am when I decided the tent needed the rain fly on!
It didnt stop raining for ... well after, long after I loaded the bike up.

So here is the deal, Tim from NC, had planned on riding MS on Saturday, and being a day behind me. I called in Sat am to give him a heads up on a few places in MS. It had been raining in MS all night also, so he said he would load up and meet me at my campground. After a bit of discussion, the options were to ride in the flooding... or load my bike with his in his truck and head west, out of the weather. Now I was going west one way or the other... so I can load up, and get out of the rain.

So we drove through to west Ark, went up in the Ozarks near Oark, but it was all so flooded, we got a hotel in clarksville for the night.
The next morning after watching the news and hearing that Arkansas was flooded, we decided to drive to Trinidad, and start there.

So after tag team driving, with TIm at the wheel, we get the welcome from Oklahoma po po.

now they dont mind there pic taken, but he wanted to be able to see me.. no prob officer.

now here was something funny... I had my gps wired for the bike, and a cel charger wired also. No 110 chargers for me. My phone was now dead, and gps too. So we started the bike up, hooked everything up, and drove down the road. 15 minutes out of town we got stopped, and the cop goes... you know your motorcycle is running? Really??? Thanks!
So he have dinner and get a room in CO, finally we are going to be able to ride! Monday morning starting off... here is TIm leaving the hotel

now to be honest... since everything got out of order on smugmug, these may not be consecutive.

saw some dear

somewhere between trinidad and Salida.

we dont see this much in TN, or eastern NC according to TIM

nice little homestead I am considering for retirement...

the roads were nice, just a tad tacky, lots of traction

it was just great to be riding again.

caught some cow elk running...

high speed = fun

we got sprinkled on a few times, it was always threatening rain...

some aspens, you can get published here.. and it stays forever.

there is still lots of snow...

and roads closed.

but I was having a good time.

it must suck to live around here.

we had to take the road over monarch, and skip alot of riding, but we still road.

I hear they got some snow this year.

I really enjoyed the riding... but I did notice... where ever we had to bypass around Sams route, if I looked for a route.. it was always a whole lot rougher than what we had been riding!

but who's complaining.

the old agency ranch...

I would have hated to do this on a wagon.
One thing I have to say, it would be nice of the forest service to post at the beginning of a road, that the road is closed. Just a thought.
We found a nice lake, and took a brake

backtracking is annoying, if you have a plan, but the riding is still fun.

sometimes pavement is ok too.

so we leapfrogged and took pics

until we got to Gunnison.
We stopped to get gas, Tim was going to head back to trinidad the next morning, and I was headed west.
At the gas station, we met the coolest charachter yet.

DC, my only description of him would be a cross between, Yosimite Sam, Jed Clampet, and Steve McQueen. He told us if we were here we would have to take Hwy 92 to Crawford.
So towards Blue Mesa we go

and the Black Canyon.

It was about 5 in the afternoon, maybe 6, so we were riding into the sun. But it was such a great road, DC hit this one on the head. I was grinning the whole way!

waiting for Tim

finally getting the pic

headed into Crawford

we were riding through town, and saw this store/hote/baitshop

we had dinner at a nice little place down the road.
The next morning Tim and I parted ways!
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Old 06-10-2009, 02:43 PM   #2
Slopez22 OP
skooter rider
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Joined: Feb 2005
Location: Paris, tn
Oddometer: 220

part 2

so I head out...

as I said before, if I make the route... I always pick roads that arent so nice. Here is a great example.
I find a "road" that heads sw before you get to Grand Junction.
Escalante Canyon RD.

Escalante canyon

creek crossings...

oh I will go the other way.. got to be better...

such beauty... did it rain here too??

yeah I think it did. So after about 6 crossings, the final one was up to my waist. I dont think the pig could have taken it. So back out I go... just a few hours lost.

But was it lost if it was still a great ride?
I think not.
So I headed back out, made it up to Grand Juntion, and decided to take 70 and get to MOAB.
Well 70 is no fun. So I found another one of my great short cuts with Rabbit creek Rd, take that SW and you will get to Moab. No problemo.
1 little exception. Somehow I got on a different trail. Expert navigational skills I suppose. Rock shelves, and tight trails with big rocks aren't my favorite on the BRP loaded down like the Clampets! I finally made it to water raft road, where I sighed a big relief.
Now about my set up, ortlieb bags, turbo city rack. Personal experience, had nothing but trouble before(should have thought of that) and during my trip with the TurboCity rack, I had to have it welded before I left on the brackets, in moab, on different brackets, jb welded it in western utah, and nevada before it bought the farm. Back to the story. SO there I am wore slap out, riding down Hwy 128 towards Moab when and explosion occurs.
My feet came off the pegs, I felt the explosion all through me, my heart sank. My motor.... crap. Grab the clutch, rev it... .nope still there. Swing the bars, tire maybe? Nope, still good. What in the world? I pull over, and where the racks had broken, my tool pouch had slid over in front of the pipe. C02 blew!!! wow.... ok move the tools!!... whats left of the pouch!
ANyhow.. pics and the colorado river!

it was warm enough, I was wishing I was doing this!

so I found where Fred at Arrowhead was, then went back to get a campsite.

The next day, I got new tires, and my rack welded. I had planned on staying a few days, but there were sooo many people, I left moab at 3:30p.

The scenery was great, all by my lonesome, made me not be so aggressive... kinda!

but its hard to control yourself when its like this.

more later...
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Old 06-10-2009, 03:21 PM   #3
Slopez22 OP
skooter rider
Slopez22's Avatar
Joined: Feb 2005
Location: Paris, tn
Oddometer: 220
transam cont.

part 3
so here we go... I almost ran out of gas near fremont junction. I made it to Emery at 8:10, but the station was closed. Locals told me that the station in Ferron closed at 9. My last reserve came on between there.. and I coasted in on fumes. I stayed there that night.

The next morning I headed back towards fremont Junction and the frontage road along 70.

found the tunnels and a greener day!

The canyons are great, the dirt roads are better!

the irrigation systems were working well!
I dont have a pic, but I was riding along the canals down in this area, there had been frequent "dips" in the road. I saw a sign that said dip. Just a note... they were not exagerating. It was the mother of all dips. I had been just getting on the back and pegging it on the dips. I believe that is where my shock died. I hit that dip, next thing you know, I was looking at my bars from above not behind them. I road it out, but dont know how.

starting out of the valley..

as I headed up the pass, I hit mud, from snow run off.

now I am no mud expert, but I do have some experience wrecking in it. Which I honed my skills more! This is not just regular mud, its granite infused with gorilla glue. When I got to the next town, I spent 35 minutes washing and scraping, and I am not a washer, much less a scraper. I had to take the sprocket cover off and scrape the gunk out with a screw driver. It was that nice.
I am not going to lie, that hill whooped me. It took 3 times to get up it, and getting the pig started huffing and puffing, I was wore out.

I was glad to get the snow behind me... for the time being.

when I finally get out of the hills I am treated with this...

now why is it that doing 70 on the interstate 70 is murder but I can do 80 for 50 miles on this?
leading to this...

The thing I liked the best was that you went into the mountain, then you came to this

to then ride 50 or 60 miles just to hit another mountain.

mine is the only dust!!
its lonely... I start to sing to myself

until my ears hurt!

and those of you that have been know what is coming...

almost to Nevada state line... here it is looking north!

and south

I have dinner at the 'Lectrolux cafe in Baker, then head on.
I set up camp before big spring.

I left all books at home, so I looked at the pics I had taken so far...

the next morning was kinda chilly...
so I got on the road... trail.

this is one of my favorite pics
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Old 06-10-2009, 07:29 PM   #4
Semi-feral Pappy
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Joined: Jul 2007
Location: Houston
Oddometer: 1,795
Nice report!
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Old 06-10-2009, 08:09 PM   #5
just passin' through
wachs's Avatar
Joined: May 2005
Location: Tumalo, Oregon
Oddometer: 4,903
Excellent - we're headed to Nevada on the 21st - thanks for the shots there!
What's next? More action!
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Old 06-10-2009, 10:28 PM   #6
Gnarly Adventurer
Joined: Apr 2006
Oddometer: 211
your making me proud cuz!!!!!!!

For a guy that didn't ride till in his twenties your making up for it. Great trip report and steller effort. Woulda looked better on a Beemer, but what the hey. Thanks for the call and invite for the ride to the lost coast, work rolled a rock in the way of that day, ha-ha. Stay in touch Brian, maybe we can camp at Haskins CC at Bucks Lake, you have such a way with words with the bears in camp. It seems they do understand "shoo bear" when uttered forcefully and unaffraid!!!!... You are my great hero, but still, since I have CCW authority, Ill be bringing the magnum, can't loose Rick and Marys little boy,

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