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Old 06-01-2010, 07:22 AM   #1
Cooltours OP
Rider of passion
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Joined: Feb 2004
Location: Zuerich, Switzerland
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Tuscany for Friends

Now, it’s high-season for motorcyclists over here as it is over there. This years “Springbreaker-Ride” is over quite some weeks already and it actually would be highly time to follow up, if only the temptations to choose motorcycle instead of keyboard would not bee so big every day.
Well, as this tour has been a group’s thing, it’s obvious that the report shall be a groups thing too and there’s probably a good chance not everybody’s choosing the bike each day and we'll once in a while will make some progress here.

Filling this thread with lots of pics and, maybe, a bunch of motorcycle-tales shall follow the simple rules that…
…We’ll try to stay at one day’s pics and story’s until they all are shown and told and…
…proceed to the next days tales and pics after my official opening.

The tour's titel was:

So, finde below the official opening of day one:

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Cooltours OP
Rider of passion
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Joined: Feb 2004
Location: Zuerich, Switzerland
Oddometer: 1,487
Thursday, 2010-06-01

It rains! It is ok getting up at 5am if your plan is heading southbound into an at least slightly higher chance of sunshine and into a bunch of days motorcycling with friends. It is not ok getting up at 5 to go to work or to start your trip back home from a wonderful, way too short vacation. So, getting up at 5am was ok today.

6hrs of Autobahn-riding ahead, sky as dark as it could be and 100% humidity in the air.

This is the day’s program:

Tuscany for Friens, Part 1

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Old 06-01-2010, 10:41 AM   #3
Tuscan rider
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Joined: Jun 2007
Location: Tuscany, Italy
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Thumb Mean while......

.....on the south side of the Alps, the spear-head platoon, consisting of troops flown in from Canada supported by
local trackers, prepare to meet the main force. Meeting point has been set to Berceto.
Berceto is a nice little town in the Appeninni, on the old road via Francigena.

But the story begins somewhat earlier.

On the 17th of April, in good time before arrival of the main force, two American spies (marked in RED) and one
Australian spy (marked in BLUE because it is believed that he originally is from the Maldives in the Indian Ocean), and a
local tracker set out on the long and arduous travel. The goal of the mission was simple: Bring back photos of Berceto.

The photo was discretely taken by a local peasant while the spies hurriedly had something to eat before continuing.

The spies barely made it across Passo della Cisa. The temperature was well below 10C, it was fog, it was raining.
In particular the Maldivian-Australian special forces suffered from a slight climate-chock.

This surveillance camera picture reveals how the spies with blended perfectly in with the locals.
The piazza is Absolutely No Parking, 0 - 24h, and "Towing without Warning"-zone.

Only one thing escaped the spies.

Fast forward to D-Day.
On D-Day the Canadian troops, as said supported by locally recruited trackers, set out towards Berceto.
Based on intelligence brought back by the spies.
The sun is shining, and everything seems to be going well.
That is until the troops pass through the first control post set up by opposing forces.

The local tracker simply pay some bribes to the soldiers manning the post, and they lift the barrier
so he can drive through. The Commander of the Canadian troops, however, makes a small mistake.
He blames "sand" but it is not clear what this means. In any case, before he knows it his horse has thrown
him off, he is on the ground and the horse crashes down with him.
The local trackers rush back and whisk the Canadian through the check point.

Here, the second mistake was made. It was believed that the troops manning the check-point would not
remember this Canadian guy. He would have to pay for that mistake later.

Trying to shake off the mishap, the spear-head platoon rushes along. The rushing becomes trotting, becomes
walking, and almost comes to a stand-still. The temperature drops, drops, and drops.
At the pass we see 7C. Not nice at all.

It becomes evident that the spies missed an important observation: It always rains in Berceto. At least, it rained then,
and it rains now. A lot. Cold, cold rain.

They arrive in Berceto, just to find a very yellow motorbike parked outside a bar. Inside, among the locals, they see a large man
in an insanely yellow rain-suit. After a short discussion, it is decided to discretely approach this man.

'02 R1150GS - Adds life
My Riding in Tuscany-thread is here.
Renting out motorbikes in Toscana, Italy
Proud contributor to Wisdom and GSpot FAQ and European Ride Report Index.
IBA: 33616

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Old 06-01-2010, 12:39 PM   #4
Cooltours OP
Rider of passion
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Joined: Feb 2004
Location: Zuerich, Switzerland
Oddometer: 1,487
Anamnesis from north of the Alps:

Not less than 11 Cooltours’ friends have signed in for this years “…for friends” tour. Not too bad at all as I think.
Quiet a while I was trying to manage the idea of travelling down to Italy in such a big (invaders)group of motorcyclists. It can be a problem, riding in a group of 11 motorcycles between insanely driving Italians in their Fiat-, Alfa and also German supertanks, fighting against invaders which everybody is who is not seen in the mirror. Not because of any patriot feelings btw, but much more because of a thing which is wide spread in southern countrys, mainly amongst young, testosterone-driven Italian male for sure. The thing that makes it so dangerous on Italian highways is called “Machismo” and is far more powerful and dangerous than any other weapon on the planet.

So the task to solve was, finally infiltrating Tuscany with such big group of motorcyclist, all the long and tough way through northern Italian bulwark and shield of millions of machos. Not an easy task at all, many sleepless nights for me in advance!

But, as closer the day of departure came, as smaller the group turned.
First to reduce the troops was nervelessness. Hannes and Fredy definitely hooked off short termed; Weather forecast, for theme, was just too unsafe and risky for such undertaking. So the squad was dulled still before the start of mission.

Next to hook off at least for the dangerous and long transport to Berceto, where we was supposed to connect with the local guides who supposed to be backed up by some northern specialists, was Rudi and Maya.
They suffered kind of some heart disease and therefore decided to leave homebase some days earlier than the rest of the team. Their plan was to cure that disease in some romantic place just somewhere in northern Italy, later on connect with the forces in Berceta too at D-Day.

Olee usually joins the team from a very remote, secret place. Connecting with him was scheduled to D-Day on a secret time and place somewhere “south”.

The next to hook off was Tim and Daneille. They decided to not show up at the meetingpoint in time, only minutes before the agreed time. Some inner voice must have guided theme and motivate them because of security-reasons to spontaneously change meeting point. All successful agents do things like that once in a while.

Furthermore there was an agent accelerating the scene from the west. Strupy took his way over the French Savoyes and Liguria down to Tuscany. His goal; gathering forces for the upcoming task. The only thing he anyway was gathering was plenty of kilometres on the odometer of his motorbike.

Martin managed to leave prison earlier than expected. So he decided to immediately ride southbound, making a detour through the dolomites to get a special training in cutting; Curve-cutting! Later on the whole undertaking we found out, that he’d better have worked that bunch of days longer in his job as a locker, and invest the money he’d made with that immediately in a pair of sharp weapons, say, tires.

[Please note the colour of Martins camouflage suit]

So what started as a scary, hard to maneuvering crew of allmost a dozen ended up to be a trio. A trio though, made from the hardest, best, roughest and, most important, fastest on two wheels that you can find north of the Alps. Thorsten


and myself!

Anamnesis closed.

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Old 09-09-2010, 12:21 AM   #5
n00bin' around europa
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Joined: Jun 2008
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Oddometer: 158
hahah love that pic of me, don't know how i didn't see that until now! Hilarious what other golden shots you got?
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Old 09-11-2010, 01:20 PM   #6
Cooltours OP
Rider of passion
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Joined: Feb 2004
Location: Zuerich, Switzerland
Oddometer: 1,487
OK, time passes much too fast. Today I have seen snow on very top of the mountainpeaks in the distance. Summer’s over and “Tuscany for Friends”, actually the season-opener this year isn’t properly documented yet. This indicates that it has been a very nice summer with a lot of motorcycling. True. But there even more than a new hobby keeping me busy this year. The little cooltours shote starts walking, talking, and eats like a truck consumes gaz!
I’ve recently been on the look out for a coffee-racer for her, after she already owns a GS.

She somehow didn’t really seem to be into that coffee-racer thing:

How ever! I fully take all the blame on me! Sorry for the long break in reporting, dear TFF fellows! Here’s a hand full of my pictures, companioned with the kind request to all of you, in possession of further pics, kindly posting theme in what ever order might convenient.

Did I mention yet, that it has particularly been wet and ugly…?
Well, that’s not the full truth. Looked at it more detailed, Tage managed to guide us almost around every heavy rain and also made sure, that we see the sun once a day for more or less longer time!

…and there was at least equal as much sun than rain…

BTW: Rain has also it’s good sides: You automatically make more breaks to consume hot (and usually very sweet) beverages….

…and why, at that occasion, not to chat about the last bunch of pics you took.
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Old 09-13-2010, 12:04 PM   #7
Cooltours OP
Rider of passion
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Joined: Feb 2004
Location: Zuerich, Switzerland
Oddometer: 1,487
Originally Posted by xaphod
hahah love that pic of me, don't know how i didn't see that until now! Hilarious what other golden shots you got?
Lots! This one has been taken when Tage said that there won't be any pizza today...

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Old 06-01-2010, 10:35 AM   #8
Joined: May 2010
Location: Colorado
Oddometer: 91
Ahhh...Tuscany! I really wish I had visited Italy while I lived in Germany.

Have you taken in a MotoGP race at the Mugello circuit? That's something that's on my bucket list.
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