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DougZ73 OP
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Skyline Drive MD/VA/WV three day roadtrip

Ride report November 2010 ride, Jeff and Doug

Decided to do one last road trip ride, with my buddy Jeff. All summer each of us had things going on, that would not allow us to get our timing together and head out for a much needed roadtrip. We finally got it together and set out for a plan to do a three day trip, November 13th, 14th and 15th.

The original plan was to head north and try to catch the changing of the leaves. Sadly, due to timing conflicts, we were not able to make it happen in time. Also the fact that we did not necessarily wanna get stuck in potentially nasty weather, the plan was changed and we decided to wing it, and head south. We did develop some what of a plan, and wanted to include Skyline Drive ( ). Neither one of us had ridden it, and wanted to. Had we had more time, we would have done some of the Blue Ridge Parkway as well, but we still got to do plenty of fun roads….Skyline Drive, Rt 250 and Rt 219 in WV/VA.

Here is the obligatory shot of us ready to leave Saturday morning…mid 30's.

The bikes:

Jeff's: 2008?? Yamaha FJR 1300
Mine: 2003 Suzuki SV1000s. (( The funny trunk set up is because I decided I wanted a GSXR 600/750 tail section on the bike. I had to fabricate a custom subframe to do it. When I did it, I only made the plastics of the tail, strong enough to hold themselves on, and not necessarily strong enough for 40-60 lbs of saddle bags hanging off of them.
Looks nicer with just the tail and cowl on there, but the luggage/rack does its job. ))

This is the route we ended up doing…(kinda)reconstructed in google maps.

From my town to North East, MD: 89.6 Miles

The bulk of the fun riding, the main route. 668 Miles. These miles included Skyline Drive, Rt 250 and Rt 219. All fun roads for sure.

The last leg of day three, Warwick MD to home. 103 Miles.

Total miles with reconstruction: ~ 860 miles. On the Odo: 954 Miles.

We had stayed in Front Royal, VA for the first night. Then did Skyline Drive the next day with some other riding, and stayed in Elkins, WV the next night. ( I'll get more into that later.)

From my little town in south NJ, we jumped on RT 295, headed down over the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and got on Rt 95 south to exit 100. We got off there to start the back roads, from Rising Sun MD.

Jeff is more courageous with his camera than I am with mine..taking shots as we are were riding. This was actually the only place he did it. Interestingly enough…he dropped it, BUT, while we were standing in a parking lot, at Wendy's, where we stopped for lunch the first day. Figure that one out.

This was a side of the road stop somewhere in MD. We decided it would be a good spot to grab some pics.

We rode some more of the route to get down towards Front Royal, VA, for the night. The sun was setting nicely, behind the mountains……we decided to stop for some more day one shots. Jeff and I shot some similar pics, with out trying.
Jeff shot:

My shot:

Jeff taking one of the shots.

And finally we were at the Super 8 Motel in Front Royal. It was priced right and we were ready to get off the bikes and get some dinner. We could see our bikes from the comfort of the hotel room.

The guy at the hotel recommended us to grab dinner at Dean's Steakhouse….was supposed to be the best steak in town. I don't know about that, but it was good enough and really nice to be off bikes and grab some steaks and beers.

End of Day one. Day two..Skyline Drive to Elkins, WV.

To be continued. Sidenote: I have a new respect for anyone that creates any of the RR's, I read here on ADV. They really do take a lot of work. I was gonna try and get it all done in one shot…I decided it would never get done if I did that.
Skyline Drive 11/2010 , Catskills 2010 trip, Catskills 2011 , Southern TNJT, 2011
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DougZ73 OP
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Thanks. Days two and three should be better. More pics. I had my go pro camera with me and took literally thousands of pics doing the "shot every five seconds" option. But, you only get so many post worthy shots with that.

I'll see how much more I can get done tonight/this weekend.
Skyline Drive 11/2010 , Catskills 2010 trip, Catskills 2011 , Southern TNJT, 2011
DougZ's MTB thread , DZ Moto Photo Bloggin' , (my) Learning photography thread, DougZ vids
- Ryder Joseph Z. , Born 11/26/12-- the next Adventure: Grayson Hunter Z., born 5/3/14
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looking forward to the rest and best part of the rr
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Great RR and pics. Waiting for more!
Ride Faster to See More Quicker!
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DougZ73 OP
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OK, continuing on with the RR. The second day of the trip, Saturday, we woke up at the Super 8 hotel in Front Royal, VA. After quickly getting cleaned up for the day, gathering of the gear and having the typical crappy continental breakfast, we decided to get on the road. Again, it was a cold morning, but we were prepared for it.

Sidenote: I forgot to mention, that on Saturday, when we rode down, we left in pretty chilly temps, and were all geared up. Less than a couple hours later, when we were off the highway and in MD, we stopped for the first gas break..or was it just a break break. Anyway, the weather had gotten considerably warmer. Off came the neck gaiters, the heated vest, and even the jacket liner. I even switched from the cold weather gloves to the "normal" weather gloves.

Back to the morning at the Super 8 hotel: As we were sitting there, getting ourselves and
the bikes ready, we saw a Harley rider, who must be riding in the area as well, and also stayed at the hotel. For what ever reason, he took off his saddle bags and simply threw them in the nearest dumpster. Jeff and I had no idea why. I have a secret theory that we he saw our awesome luggage set ups, he realized how inferior his set up was. LOL.
* Big props to Wolfman Luggage(dry duffle), and JC Whitney knock off Givi case…..they both served me well this trip.

Anyway, back to the pics...some of the pics anyway.

Hotel shot of the bikes next morning:

Now, Skyine Drive just about starts right in Front Royal. This was from our first stop, right after we got on Skyline Drive. With 125 miles and plenty of stops to make and views to see, we did not even get off bikes for this one.

Picture of Jeff taking some pictures.

We rode on a little further, always cognizant of the 35 MPH speed limit, and rangers driving the road watching for speeders. We tried to keep it under 40…..well, OK, 50 MPH…..but even that was hard to do…..until we did happen to see a ranger drive past in the opposite direction and give us the international, " slow down or get a ticket" hand motion. We obliged.

Jeff and I actually met, the 2nd time, at a track day. We both started out slow, got faster through the seasons, and have since slowed back down. Although that road calls for the inner "Ricky Racer" to come alive, we were fine keeping the speeds down and enjoying the ride and views…the point of this road trip.

Second stop, along the way. Some more pics.

Jeff shot:

Not sure why we even stopped here?? Probably to let a slow car of tourists get pretty far out ahead of us.

Then onto the third stop along the way. I am realizing as I am going through this, it's hard to tell the exact timing of everything. Complicated a slight bit by the fact that Jeff and I downloaded each of our pics each night, and merging them in at the correct time is becoming interesting.

Found some of that nice Orange leaves changing color stuff.

Jeff setting up his tripod. Nice, cheap little unit. I bought one as soon as I got back home. Targus

Me trying to take an "artsy ADV" shot with bike and landscape in shot.

Interesting sign at the area we stopped at.

Some of Jeff's shots at the same stop:

Shot of me giving the thumbs up..not sure why at that point. LOL.

OK, and onto another stop..the highest point in elevation, along Skyline Drive.


Now, I brought my Go Pro Hero camera ,with me. I have seen people use it and get some cool shots while riding with. I used the " shot every five seconds" feature for this trip. I had started out with it mounted to the tank, and behind the wind screen. Sadly, although I packed really well for this trip, the one thing I forgot was, a little bottle of visor cleaner and a rag, that I almost always take with me. After this stop and seeing all the deceased buggers on my windscreen, I had decided I wanted the camera on my helmet instead.

I have used the Go Pro for doing some offroad riding video, and have a dedicated sticky mount on my dual sporting helmet. I have not yet stuck any of the mounts, on my street bike helmets. So, the suction cup mount was gonna be it. Worked out well, as you will see later. The suction cup was very strong, and help great, even up to 70 MPH..although the set up would start making me feel the wind resistance around 55.

Makes no wonder why I was getting all those weird looks from passing cars.

That's it for tonight….getting late. Still a lot more pics and RR to come. I still have to sort through about 3000 Go Pro shots….which maybe 20-30 will be worthy of posting. Thanks for the interest of anyone reading…..I appreciate it.
Skyline Drive 11/2010 , Catskills 2010 trip, Catskills 2011 , Southern TNJT, 2011
DougZ's MTB thread , DZ Moto Photo Bloggin' , (my) Learning photography thread, DougZ vids
- Ryder Joseph Z. , Born 11/26/12-- the next Adventure: Grayson Hunter Z., born 5/3/14

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