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100mpg OP
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46 hours later

I am home. Not a lot of time, but those 46 hours where some of the best riding AND time off ever. The only starting pic I have is this one and it was from the night before. I thought it looked good but not so much anymore.

Opps. Thought I could post to see if it fit on the page with scrolling, then nuke it so it would be complete before posting...Ya can't.

Moving on...

I left late friday night, 9:15PM to be exact. So, here I am about midnight, somewhere on RT 17 in NY. I did not eat dinner so I HAD to have a candy bar. TGFKK*. yum.

I made it up there at 2:05AM. Heh. Foggy, dark even with the full moon. Managed to get the tent up quickly and passed out. About 10-20 times during the night. I brought a light sleeping bag and it got down to 50, combined with the dampness, and add on the fact that I was sleeping on a slate porch area on a thermorest that was anything but restful or thermo. I actually did not want to wait til it self inflated, so I sped up the process by blowing it up. Too much. Turns out, too much IS a bad thing. It felt like I was sleeping on an inflatable log. I was rolling off the sides, I could not stay in the middle! At the beginning of the night, it was funny. After a few hours, it was not funny. Too cold and too tired, I left it alone.

But the morning was great!

The property belong to my BIL and My Sister. It is up in Walton NY, right on the river. He started with 10 Acres, a little red OLD house that someone had built AROUND a tree! It must have seems like a good idea at the time, but decades later, when the river overflowed, the house floated about 50 feet to the south, RIPPING a tree sized hole all the way through one side of the house. I do not have pictures of that, but it was crazy to see. He sold the house and 5 acres to a friend about 10 years ago, ujust before the river overflowed. Good timing! The friend built a new house which is just to the right in this pic. It is now 5 feet off the ground!

Picture of a portion of the new house.

Here is the river.

Here is my bike, tent and my BIL's trailer that he uses when he goes up.

Here is my big dome amazed by the technology I have in my hand. or, confused. I am wearing a hooded sweatshirt, it was DAMP and chilly! I am not the unibomber, he is in jail.

I did not take nearly enough pictures because the ride was amazing, the weather was perfect dry 75 degrees and the roads were nearly empty! The few cars I saw were easily forgotten with a downshift. Speed limits on the roads I travel up there where 55 and on those secondary roads, it was perfect!
CR21, 386(?) RT10, all empty, smooth, fast and scenic! I thought I was dreaming.

I left Walton late, 11AM, after breakfast, and headed to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame. I am no longer a BB fan since I was a kid but I figured it might be interesting and I would actually have a destination. I did not go inside, traffic, crowds and 15 minute parking (?)

I found something more interesting then the BBHOF.

Yep, Foo Kin Chinese food! There are a million puns, but I will let you write your own! FOOKIN?

Sparring you the details of the internal battle of my mind between my ST1300 and a NEW Gold wing, I decide, screw it. You only live once and I am going to live this weekend! If I find an open Honda dealer with the Gold Wing I want, for the right price, the right color Blue, with the right features (Comfort, Audio, Nav) and I get a good price on my ST1300 (Consodering a trade in, $8500 with Zumo 450, $8000 without) I am going to do it.

I found a Honda dealer! Woohoo, I am going to finish this trip on a GW! My ass was already thanking me. Park the bike, walk on in, not a GW to be found! Bummer.

I head back outside and see this across the street. Guess the year.

Too late, it is a 1975!!! This guy (came on a HD trike) bought it brand new from the current owners FATHER!. It has 20,000 miles on it and is in PERFECT condition. It honestly looks like it has NEVER been ridden, the radiator was as clean as new. The dealer bought the bike back and was planning on showing it in the showroom, but NOT for sale. I stumbled onto a piece of history since it was a very rare color. The color is way off from what it really looks like in person...

Back on the road again. As I ride around different places in this country, I am AMAZED at the formations, colors, shapes and size of rocks that scatter this great country. But I never saw anything like this!

Yup, a giant pig rock. I found it funny, but really interesting that someone saw this rock not just a s rock, but saw a pig waiting to be brought out.

Speaking of critters, I forgot to mention this critter I found on the camper back atthe tent. An Albino slug?

A shot from the road leading to the 1/2 driveway to the property.

Listen...Did you hear the train?

Cool idea, using a train car for a weekend retreat up in the mountains! Wonder how they got it in there....pretty steep hill.

More to come.
* Thank God For Kit Kat's

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100mpg OP
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Hi, its me again

Sunday morning, after two cold and damp nights, it is time to pack it up and head in the general direction of home.
For years I have been going to this Walton property and camping or at least passing through. I always see this Castle/Armory type building that is fenced in and locked. Every time I pass, I think to myself, what a great place to live. But I am sure it would be next to impossible to find out the information about this old, old building, jumping through flaming hoops, being forwarded to the next person of the next department.

I missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

This time, for the first time, someone is working on the building, power washing the entire building. I stop in a meet Charlie, the new OWNER. Without giving away personal info that some people might not want broadcast, I could have actually, seriously, bought this former Armory, that was built in 1910(?)

This was first a NYS Armory for an unknown (to me) amount of time, where it was used then as a hall, for dances and partys. It was then converted into an apartment building, PAINTED, and then sometime in the future, abandoned. It sat empty for 10 years, unable to sell, until Charlie snatched it up and is currently renovating it to as original as possible. Charlie, I am jealous. But happy someone like your found it and it will stand for a long time to come. After all, these days it could be torn down for some high priced condos.

Some photos inside. A HUGE dance floor, about 70' x 120'! A bar at the end, balconies on both ends of the dance floor and a full basement complete with a.... but first.

Balcony and dance floor
The seats are original!

Two of Four or five pianos left inside the building.

Outside, upstairs and on TOP!

Tin roof to be replaced.

Entrance to the large tower

The Spectacular view of Downtown Walton NY from on top and outside of the large tower!

Entrance to the other tower had some ropes going to the roof so we could not go up for fear of dropping the workers off the roof!

Well, thats about it for the Armory. Oh yeah, a couple of more things...The basement.

Full basement, mostly fill with stuff.

AND, as soon as I walked around the corner, I knew what this was...

Jail. I could not imagine being in here in the early 1900's, in the basement. It is a small dungeon, no larger then 10' x 6'. I got a chill up my spine when I walked in the door.

And a brick with a not so clear name on it. I did a little searching and found that "Hedges Brick Co., Cornwall, NY ........................... 4"

had 4 Brick making machines in Cornwall NY in 1910. Cool.

More to come.

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100mpg OP
Self Imposed Exile
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Joined: Jan 2006
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After I left the Armory, I rode around, almost in circles trying NOT to head home. I passed a bridge that caught my eye. A one laner.

And the obligatory "Stop in the middle and take a pic" pic.

And I am home. only 46 hours later. Seems like time flew by, almost at light speed.

The Bike handled perfectly with the new Pilot Road 2's on it, it really is better then it has ever been since new! It was effortless into and out of turns. I am happy with the new tires and recomend then, so far. The mileage reports I am getting is up to 15000.

Just one more pic, for the WTF moment of the weekend...MOUNTED PERMANENTLY to the roof. Let this be a warning to you deers out there....BACK OFF.

100mpg screwed with this post 09-07-2009 at 10:38 AM
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