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Old 07-31-2010, 03:32 PM   #31
Twas ever thus!
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What fun...

Maybe next time use a jug or container instead of dumping it on the ground that way it can be disposed of in a safe place instead of all over the driveway for someone else to track in it.
Wake up dude ! Start thinking a little bit! Jeeze!
Successfully surviving motorcycling since 1958.
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Old 07-31-2010, 03:54 PM   #32
Gnarly Adventurer
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Have you never seen the green handle before? It's the universal handle for diesel. You are lucky you didn't fill it up, but you are a dumbass for just dumping it on the ground like that. That is VERY uncool. As motorcycle riders we have enough stereotypes to avoid and you doing that doesn't help.
07 FZ6 - Red (faster color)
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Old 07-31-2010, 04:59 PM   #33
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Green handle

I stopped at a gas station in Van Wert Ohio the other day, and I'll be darned if the gasoline handle wasn't green. I pressed the button for regular, grabbed the black handle and wondered why it would not pump. Weird. My other "scooter" is a 3/4-ton Dodge Ram diesel.
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Old 08-01-2010, 09:20 AM   #34
I'm over it.
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Location: Clay,MI
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with the size of your fuel tank i highly doubt .14 of diesel would of hurt anything.

might of got a little smell and lubed your valves but that's about it.
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Old 08-02-2010, 06:24 PM   #35
robt272 OP
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Joined: Feb 2010
Oddometer: 48
122 miles we stop in munising fill the tanks. Hiawatha National Forest with H58 and then Miners castle rd.

That will bring us to the look out point and not the 200 or so the miles to L Anes

Looking down from the trail was ok but this should be looked at from a boat.

and this

and thats with a damn Iphone
The two pix in color where taking a couple of years ago on a family camping trip..

Getting back to the bike and they look so peaceful know noise just calm.

This all changes.. Now the Harleys out number the the others 5-3, and steve and I did not know what to think of the group.

Steve asked can these guys ride?

and steve got a why yes they can. I would later find out that these guys not only could ride but they are CRAZY good .

Pulling out of the look out point the suzuki slipped and the front tire came of the ground, this in turn spoked this thing and all i could hear was this

get orders from mission control, and that sound that muffler made in the trees was sweet.

So from here its 28 to 41 and then 41 north.

From this point the pace picks up a notch. Not sure why but it just did. The open road , no traffic all the big hills after Marquette. Man it just got good. Lots of bike out all kinds of bikes.

and then the logging trucks.

Ok steve and i ride together when ever we get a chance. So when that night train is in front or behind i now know where he is with out looking.

Most of the time I can here him Ipod or no ipod.

That V twin ramps up i know its time to pull out, down shift to keep up or just roll in to the throttle. noise level tells the story

But the logging trucks.

Some long some short. Nothing for miles and miles and then trucks
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Old 08-15-2010, 03:15 AM   #36
robt272 OP
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Joined: Feb 2010
Oddometer: 48
From this point the view will change a little. For the most part 28 will stay next to Lake Superior with rolling hills. Marquette will be next thats were 41 picks up and is now 28 -41 still going west. Sorry no pictures

L Anse is are next stop

check out the name.

I cant tell you how much snow this is, lets just say its a lot.

In high school we would learn about how much snow Marquette would get from week to week. Not sure why we checked in on there snow total but its in the 150" range. With a longer winter then us in lower Michigan.

The picture above are from the restroom at dicks with a Subway next door.
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Old 08-15-2010, 05:51 AM   #37
robt272 OP
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Joined: Feb 2010
Oddometer: 48
From here its north and there is talk of a gay bar.

At the gas station, older guy next to me ask the where you from where you going? I tell him.

where you from?


nice place this flint?

weeeelllll parts are nice

where are you guys going?

from here we are looking for some gay bar.

he gave me this look and said something about calling my mother

WTF no really we are going to find this gay bar look at us, its not what you think. Have you been there?

i don't think so son, now tell the truth were are you going

cooper harbor

i give up.

here we are all in front of the sign, i got the tripod out and thinking to my self ok group hug or lets all stand in front of the sign something funny.
nope just bad ass

steves not shy he hams it up

see the smoke stack in the foto?

I am told next time up there to take this road we did not. New black top and about a hour of twistys and rolling hills.

From here pick up 26-41 north

I am told this was a good little ride to take and thats why we did not go north at the smoke stack. Don't get me wrong it was fun, but my first time on a gravel surface at speed

Once the speed picked up on this road and stones hitting all over the bike.



front rotor (and bent it) i found this out when i got home

at first i did not go
at first all i could see is the stones, my line, where the hell do i ride. All at once in search of a safe line. Now i am getting passed and this guy is gone like now.

So buy now i am well past the freak out stage. Steve is now in front and I am still looking for grip.

What I later would find out was there is a lot of grip

But now, now all i can see is stones. My comfort level is off the chart so slow i go. Thinking to my self i think this cant go on for long. Mile of so and we will be on black top.


Mile is gone then a next and a next.

What the hell kind of road is this?

Steve checks his mirror to see how i am doing, and his speed picks up.


So a little faster and little more

buy now i just stopped looking at the tack. Not till later i found the video of us on this part of 41

I could be of a little but 60 mph is about 3.5 rpm for the tiger.
4 to 4.5 is 70 mph and up. Why bring this up? On the video the reflection of the red tach is dancing around 4 rpm and up.

At some point i stayed in 6th gear
At some point entering the corner felt good, rolling out felt good.
At some point the Sweat stooped and the smile got bigger and bigger.
AT some point I said f*&^t it lets dance Steve. If I fall, well i fall.

Point is i didn't feel the tire slip, front or rear. I could spin the rear if i wanted to but was not a good thing to do in the corner.

Buy now i am on that night trains ass. And the fun factor is off the chart. Still with are speed picking up the three in front of us are gone and I mean gone.

At this point in time i have no clue where we are. No clue if we are on are way to cooper harbor. I just sat back and let it all come in to focus. In and out of the trees, down to the beach and back out and up in the hills. All i can say is WoW.

About six miles out of Cooper Harbor there is a road that i would have blew past if not to see bikes parked on one hell of a hill. Now what? What the hell are they parked there for. I search for first gear and slowly come up a bit. With sand at my feet and this hill i think to self what the hell am i doing. Is this really the way we have to go to get there. Where and the hell is this place.

I think the road is called Brockway Mtt Dr

To call this a road, I don't think so.

Mtt Dr - NOPE

Gote path - Maybe

Would i have picked this road? No chance in hell.
I would not gone past that hill. But man am glad i did.

Had i stayed on 26 and gone into Cooper Harbor I would not have seen this

The sign at the top. To get here can be done in a car, truck and yes a bike. There were lots of bikes up there. Lots of cars

back in high school my best friend got his first motorcycle

first ride from the dealer to show me the bike

I could see his smile in his helmet. I rode the bike one bad as honda

15 minutes later he was gone. MY friend greg held him on the side of the road as he past away.

I cant tell you how I feel at this point. For some this is no big deal. For me it is a big deal

To be standing next to the machine that brought me here.

for 20 years i have wanted to ride. 10 years ago my wife told me to get a motorcycle. It took me 10 more years to get one.

and here i stand

Sometimes its good to get over your fears. Some times we are pushed a little by new friends. Words cant tell how i feel at this point

A trip like this has been on my mind for a long time. It feels good to stand here take it all in
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Old 08-15-2010, 07:27 AM   #38
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Location: Parachute, Colorado, USA
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Excellent rr.

Just got my ole lady the bike she has always wanted, her dad's 83 Suzuki GS850, was her Grandfather's before, 74000 miles, and it's been passed to her. I always wanted to do almost this exact trip, not it's back on the board.

Once again wonderful trip.
The older I get the more I realize how few people I actually need in my life.

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Old 08-16-2010, 03:10 AM   #39
robt272 OP
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Joined: Feb 2010
Oddometer: 48

just over 700 ft above lake level

just over 1300 ft above sea level

Ok so 700 ft and about 4 miles

how crazy could it get

As i sit and think back about some of the turns the switch backs the HEAVY BREAKING. I think of how fun and how and the hell did the others get to the bottom so fast. Sorry there are no pictures on the way down had my hands full of OMG. Funny thing is we were all not very far apart from each other. One could hear the breaks of others, down shifts and maybe me laughing out load. Some of the V twins back fire while down shifting and locking up the rear was so damn fun. Not just one but all the bikes.

Not to sure if the bikes were design for this kind of treatment.

At the bottom we are in search of hotel somewhere to lay are heads. Take the helmet of and the sound of a band plays in town somewhere. Took me a second but the band was playing a song buy Ted, Fred bear.

NO marching band, just a live band. Well i guess this will do just fine.

Classic cars are just wrapping up a car show so the sound of the hot rods fill the are burn outs all over

Yup this will do just fine, now to find a place to stay. Steve and I are thinking of the tents. I don't really care. We will get to that later. Good thing about the tents they will go up anywhere. There is a state park in town.
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Old 08-26-2010, 01:47 AM   #40
Unstable Rider
Moto Fotografist
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Great trip, great pics. I gotta make that swing again myself sometime, most relaxing up that way....

The gas pump thing: my pal did that with his snowmobile once, hmmm.

His sled stunk all day, actually ran ok though....
First the Earth cooled. Next came rats, cockroaches and KLR's... and life was good.
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Old 08-28-2010, 04:48 AM   #41
robt272 OP
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Joined: Feb 2010
Oddometer: 48

here is a taste of the last night of the trip and day. There was more pictures of the town but lost them on the iphone.

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Old 08-28-2010, 07:49 PM   #42
robt272 OP
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Joined: Feb 2010
Oddometer: 48

The last night of this trip starts with no rush to do anything.

One of the guys finds logging and the night starts out slow. Thats just find with me. Food and beer is on my mind.

Just a little about the people I have talked to in the U.P. They are the best. They can be laid back, and I mean way laid back.

food and beer

There is some kind of car show in town and we are just catching the tail end

Ok first up for me beer. Now how and the hell do I get a beer?

I find the beer station and they tell me something about tickets. All white noise at this point. I stop my self and rethink. the girl is just smiles.

Can you tell me this one more time?

Sir go over there and buy tickets and your good to go, food and beer can be had with the tickets.

Ok lets try this one more time.

Ticket girl- hello

Could I buy some tickets please?

Sure how many do you need?

Now let me stop at this point and just say first. The movie FARGO comes to mind. I just love the way they talk up here. At this point I have this big shit grind while the girl tells me what i can get for $2 and $3. She go's on about who is selling what and who made this and all i can do is

Well? What would you like?

I would like you to tell me again please

With a big smile she starts over.

With a small 3 foot roll of tickets I have a big smile and walk over to this

Come on is that all they have?

With that kind of shit grind i am a little freaked out

No its not but thats what we are having. The hell we are.

No diesel for the girl and no old beast for me.

I keep it simple with bud and go find food.

and that brings us to this

for the story lets call the two girls the Jenkins girls

I go to the food part and I see one of the largest guys i have ever seen.

Big guy.
What would you like sir.

I don't know what do you have

big guy.
hot dogs, braaats, hamburgers and pastys. I only have two pasty left.



big guy.

What do you think i should have?

Big guy.
I would go with the pasty if I were you, see the Jenkins girls made them this year and they just make the best pasty.


big guy.

me .
pasty it is

big guy.
ok here you gooo. now the ketchup is there and you just gotaaa use lots of ketchup.

gravy? do you have any gravy.?

big guy.

o shit what have i done.

Now the lady has been silent up to tell now. She starts out with some i told you soooooo and smacks the big fella some and i gotta say she is not kidding around.

For the most part they are closed and cleaning up, not a big deal. But the pastys are a big deal for uppers.

me .
opppsss WTF just happened

big guy and lady .

they go on for a bit and I go over to get some ketchup. just a little on 1/2 of the pasty. Not a big deal one would think. Nope all eyes on me and they stop talking like a light switch just flipped down. I stop in my tracks and look up.

you gatttaaa get some more ketchup on that pasty.

big guy
your gona want some more on that pasty

nope i am good.

are best bad ass pose.

the lady gave me a look when i asked about a picture and said she would take a picture of us. The guy all smiles take the camera and said i got it and takes the one above.

the very nice lady takes the thing out of his hands and gets this

after this picture i go up and put some more ketchup on it just to keep the peace. They were very good, i would have put that damn thing down without a fork. Ketchup or know ketchup.

and to get the camera back.

The night is getting long and two of are boys are a little fussy so a time out is in order

with flash off

two big boys and one big chair.

in the am we go south

night all
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Old 08-29-2010, 08:21 AM   #43
robt272 OP
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last day
5:30 am

The sun is out there some were i think. The guys are starting to move. I go out to get rid of some bud and look threw my side bag. Pack up the chair and move stuff around Steve comes out and says lets go. Sun still has not catch up with us.
540 miles south
500 mile day this will be a first, steve and i set out with out the group to get some pictures and just to take it all in.

I hate to bring it up but this picture could have been better.

This is a little look out station just south of Cooper Harbor. Take your pick they are all over and none of them suck.

check out the video page 3 at the top on smugmug

We go west out of cooper harbor if you can don't do this. Look at a map and go south out of Cooper Harbor and make your way to Gay. We did not do this and I am still a little

Research read up on the old roads, find them. And what ever you do don't listen to Mr Garmin. Stop at a Three way yellow and garmin said go right and i looked to the left. Something about that left hand turn i said to steve

With the harleys gas light on and garmin pointing us in the direction of a gas station. We fail to travel on a damn good section. See the tube there on the left. I had gas with me, i don't know what that harley was thinking.

If we had gone south the pictures and the look out sections would have not been captured by the eye or the digital card.

here is me
did you get it?? throw that damn thing in the road

steve with his best Whats up

So no phone service in two days steve gets the gas the Hog needs and we are back with the Harleys at the gas station. Funny how that worked out

The pack of six takes of and steve and i are set on just going at a good pace with out all the near death experience's.

Pack riding can be fun

If you look at steve in one of the above foto's you see he has his rain gear on. We can see it in the sky its not far out. So riding in the group with all the bikes would be a little more water than i care to see today.

Making good time south we are in search of Mickey D's. The harleys said they would meet us there. I think it was L Anse were we find a Burger King and coffee, phone service, biscuits and a short talk with the wife. Had not talked to her in 5 days.

I tell her i am going south till i cant take the rain anymore and she said something like I tell her ill see you soon.

Ride into Marquette with the hardleys Get some gas and now we see what we are in for. looks like about 170 miles of rain. With the rain condom on the harley Steve and i take of in the wrong direction. Damn garmin and a U turn, back on track we leave the guys behind.

As you can tell no pictures. 150 miles down we stop at a stop sign and steve looks at me smile

are you wet?

i don't think so


i don't think so

just then i put my right hand down to get some blood flow, and water comes pouring out of my jacket.


well thats funny. check the other arm and same thing.

want to stop? grab some coffee

no good to go

my light just came on



The harley is not liking the rain condom on the air intake

117 and 2 its about 20 miles to the bridge. With the lake on are right side this section sucked in the shit kind of way. Boots full of water jacket zipper open in the back and the wind now hitting us on the right side. Where the hell is that bridge.

Cross the bridge and stop for gas I think about getting rain pants. None to be found. With a pair of $200 paints at home i cant do it. Check the radar and the map all looks good. 230 to the door step and the radar looks good. We could stay the night here but i said lets see if we can get out of this rain and make the call at Burt lake.

Short ride to Burt Lake and i am dry, well almost.

steve go's in at mickey d's checks out the dollar menu and i strip in the parking lot. Steve's not making fun of me bringing two pairs of shoes now. Just like that, dry warm the temp is 75 and getting warm fast. And we are off

What seems like 10 miles down the road steve passes me and pulls in a rest stop. What the hell man

that coke went threw me sorry, you have to go?

hell no


From here steve picks up the pace and we are doing well with little traffic. This will change soon. Sunday traffic can get pretty bad on 75 and we no that will change around the us10 split. It all ways backs up there. We agree to take are time at that point not to rush it because of the cage people.

Sure as shit it happens

All I remember is something like this.

Up about a mile is see traffic getting heavy. Some ford truck and a pop up trailer is on are six pushing us. Just as planned we are taking are time and this guy is not having any part of it. We let him go and now there is a black car on are six a lady on my right just as happy as can be. Thats better, i think. A gray car gets behind the pop up guy and i am on the center on the out side lane. Steve and are now two and up front i see brake lights. Left fist in are i look at steve and he lets go of the throttle on the hog. Me i check the six and the black car is giving me the WTF.
I break harder and harder and the lady at my right can see what is about to happen and she brakes hard. Steve is not getting it and is braking at a slower rate. Back to the pop up guy, this guy in the truck for some reason felt that 85 mph was a good idea until now. He cant stop. check my six then steve. Steve now can see what is going to happen slows at hard rear tire slide a bit kind of way. Up front dirt fly's about 20 feet in the air and that truck and pop up try to slow on the shoulder. That worked out well for the car in front of the truck. But not so well for the pop up. That thing shot dirt in the air as it slid side ways and blew into a million parts like confetti. We are now the second tracks that ride threw the dirt, food , cloths, camping, crap that was in that thing. I felt bad for the lady in the truck and not at all for the guy that was going to get a ear full of the lady. I still remember her looking back for the trailer only to find that there was nothing left. Nothing at all

I look at steve and asked him WHAT THE HELL DOES A LEFT FIST IN THE AIR MEAN? His right hand on his heart and said. Well i didn't think you meant stop like 80 to 0

lady on my right looks at me

Black car behind us and looks at both of us and said something like

well done well done.

a few more of the and a few more of the holly shits from cars and thats all behind us

To this day I still think of that lady in the ford truck. I can still see the 20lb tanks of LP fly in the air, wheels and all that stuff wow.

11 1/2 hours and 530 miles i get of the bike at the house wow this trip is over for days after I cant stop thing of this trip. Cant get it out of my mind

I tell a Friend. I don't want to feel like this anymore. He looks at me, what do you mean. I mean I want to go on these trips but i don't want it to be such a big deal like this. Its all i think about and i need to come down from this high.

One night out at dinner my anny takes care of that for me.

When I got the tiger she looked at me and said don't ever ask me to get on that damn thing not ever. i never have.

well what do you want to do this weekend?

don't know its your day off what do you want to do?

lets take that bike of yours to the other side of the state.


we all ride now even my 11 year old girl

for now the tiger looks like this and its all I can do to hold her back

This picture was taken in the fall with the canon T1i. I will not make this mistake of camera choice again

The End

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