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troy safari carpente OP
Team f5ool
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Joined: Nov 2005
Location: "Pearl of the sound" - f5ederation of scandwegia
Oddometer: 20,152
A Dirty Long Weekend in Sweden (oct 29th - 31st 2010)

Every year in late october (at the VERY end of autumn/approach of winter) put on a little navigational excercise known as the DIRTY LONG WEEKEND.

What started out in 2005 as an excuse for a dozen or so roadbook rally mad Swdish mates to head off for a weekend of non-stop trailriding and camping mayhem; has over the years since then, developed into somewhat of an impromptu - end of season - offroad marathon -cum- rally raid test session and informal rally school/combined piss-up barbecue and camping extravaganza for Swedish Offroad Enthusiast's... in particular those planning on participating in events such as the TUAREG Rallye, Australasian safari and even DAKAR.

This was the band of reprobates we had along LAST year:

Anyway, THIS year there were a total of fifteen misguided individuals who thought it sounded like a good idea to subject themselves to 650 km's of gravel roads, forestry trails, enduro tracks and muddy grasstrack tests, in 0 to 8 degree celsius temperatures and camp out in tents for two nights over a long weekend in the southern Swedish forests... just for a laugh!

So we called it, "the we didn't know any better tour!"

Anywho... we started on friday evening at about 19:00 pm; and rode a 120 km routecharted navigational stage through the woods (sorry no pic's) to our first night camp.

Hasse J models his lighthouse version headlamp... good for finding you way around in dark scandinavian forests of a winters night!

Around 22:00 hours we made camp...

We have two of these 10 man military circus tents (no floor) which have a small wood burning stove in the center...
So after the fires been going for forty minutes or so, the ground dries out enough to throw down a few tarpaulins, out with the sags and toasty warm for the night!

The next morning after campfire breakfast, it was off on a 75 km roadbook stage through the woods and forests around Ljungbyhed and perstorp...

Kaktus on his KTM 530 EXC passes us at a roadside checkpoint, where they came out of one of the forest sections...

Leno DR 650E and Micke on his GHR kitted CRF 450 X blur past...

After the early morning transport led them (eventually) to the local GasGas/Husaberg/Kawasaki dealer KEVA MOTOR;
where owner/proprietors Kent and charlie had laid out a superb 2,5 km grasstrack test for us...

TUAREG Rallye veterans Selle, Nora Micke and hasse J make ready for the grasstrack...

Gotlund does some tai-chi mx warm ups...

The 2,5 km grasstrack was laid out on the farm paddocks adjacent to the KEVA workshop...

... and by now it was mid morning and it was time to get on with the 40 minute grass mx specialtest.

Mekano-son (guide rider) rolls by;

Micke on his GHR kitted CRF 450 (same bike he rode at TUAREG Rallye 2010 and will compete again in 2011).

I took one of KEVA's 2010 demo GasGas 250 4 strokes for a shakedown...

My good ol' mate "200cm Nilsson" turned up with his Aprilia RXV 550, and Ola enjoyed himself by carving a couple of laps with us...

Cappe on his newly acquired WRF 400

TWAirlines on the "ex-Safari" 950 SE

After the melee out in the fields, Kaktus takes on some coffee and a cookie before the next stage...

Thomas 950 SE is a nice piece of kit...

Cappe declares openly; "Det var - utan tveckan - den mest halt, klibbiest gegga jag någonsin kört i...!"
"That was definately the most slippery, stickiest crap I've ever ridden in...!"

We had the van and trailer to cart around all the riders gear, camping and catering equipment, as well as retrieve any breakdowns (though there weren't any).

After the grasstrack was over, it was a 90 km roadbook stretch through the Göinge region to the township of Osby for a 15 minute lunchstop (I'm a generous bugger) before the riders proceeded 45 km's to the Högsma forest; where I had mapped out a 40 km navigational loop that they were to complete two laps of...

Björn (Mekano-son) heads off from the halfway checkpoint at the "navigation loop"

SWEEP - Thomas - performed the dual role of "Passage Control" on the navigation loop checkpoint

From Högsma there was a final 60 km stage to Hässleholm in southern central Skåne, and the nearby lake Finja; where we established the second nights bivouac and camped out. Grilled steaks, potato gratan and and sallad were on the nights menu, followed by warm vanilla cake and custard for desert. Of course ther was ample amounts of beer (and some scotch anti-freeze) on hand to make sure that the fluid levels were maintained.

First class military digs:

Lights, camera... action!

Early the next morning there was the traditional "breakfast at thirty paces", followed by a 75 km roadbook stage back to KEVA MOTOR for a second assault on the grasstrack specialtest...

This time a reverse starting order (from the times set from saturdays 40 minute session) was lined up, and a "Hare n' Hound" dash was orchestrated, just to keep the fun in things.

Gotlund checks out who will be giving chase...

The mid pack discuss passing tactics and dirty tricks...

Gotlund takes off first... in an attempt to blind the pursuants;

TWAirlines opens the twin chamber dung gun and show's how it's done!

Leno gives the DR a serve off the line...

Then Kaktus heads off (that's me in the cleaning lady headgear sending them off)

Finally the TUAREG "guns" Hasse J (on his newly completed Husaberg 570 rallye) and Nora Micke take the start...

And just so Micke didn't feel left out (being hunted); I took off on the GasGas after him...

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troy safari carpente OP
Team f5ool
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Joined: Nov 2005
Location: "Pearl of the sound" - f5ederation of scandwegia
Oddometer: 20,152
Hare 'n Hound grasstrack...

Cappe came round in front of the pack on the WRF 400 at the end of lap one

Sam was involved in a battle with Mekano-son on their two 690 Enduro's

Leno had his tricked up DR sliding about

Long time Team Rally Raid Sweden chief mechanic (TUAREG Rallye 2008 and 2010) Johan Selleskog (Selle), decided he would compete at TUAREG in 2011... and dusted off his rally prepped LC4 625 SC for Dirty Long Weekend, as part of his preparation.

Thomas had forged the big 950 SE to the front by the end of lap two of the Hare 'n Hound...

Gotlund was circulating steadily

Kaktus was roosting his KaTooM chasing down his mates (Leno and Gotlund)

Some bloke was ratting about the place on this little Spanish unit:

Hasse had the Blue Rhino up to pace again (after having recieved a Kanguru karate chop to the back of the melon in the middle of the obligatory boghole at the end of lap one... and went down for a standing eight count, before remounting).

TWAirlines flew over the finish first...

Followed by Kangaroo boy...

Then came Cappe...

KTM twins Mekano-son and sam were joined at the hip...

Micke and Selle

then came Leno...

Gotlund wandered in...

followed by Leno on the Suzi'

And Hasse followed the lot home... with revenge in the Blue Rhino's eyes... looking for that GasGas rider...

At the finish, Same retells the story of his "pass" on Mekano-son to Selle;

And Mekano-son tells selle about his "re-pass" on Sam one lap later!

I just profess my innocence to Micke about Hasse's unfortunate incident;

"Nah mate, I didn't sink him on purpose... I'd lined him up for the pass though the boghole at the end of lap one, then he bobbled and slipped to the left - RIGHT in front of me... there was absolutely nothin' I could do; but give hime a gentle second gear love tap to the back of the melon with my throttle hand guard... honest!"

After the "Hare 'n Hound" was over, another roadbook leg of 60 km's back up to our start location at Skåne Fagerhult, where we finished off with a one hour enduro special test... one of the same tests we used earlier in the year for the Sv4DE...

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Beastly Adventurer
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Looks like great fun
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376 miles to Chicago
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Nice, looks like a lot of fun.
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I find it troublesome that in Sweden there is a clear lack of Husqvarnas on this trip.

In any case, how much fun! YOu guys really know how to put a cool weekend together.
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troy safari carpente OP
Team f5ool
troy safari carpente's Avatar
Joined: Nov 2005
Location: "Pearl of the sound" - f5ederation of scandwegia
Oddometer: 20,152
Enduro Finalé...

I had commandeered my old flame (actually Thomas offered) to ride the final 60 km stage up to Skåne Fagerhult - where the final 1 hour enduro test was to be ran on a narrow, rocky 5 km singletrack enduro loop...

The start finish of the loop was near the entrance to an old gravel quarry and I showed the rest of the guys around for the first lap on the SE.

My son Camron (who had been with me in the Service van and followed along on the adventure over the weekend) busied himself playing with one of his toys in the gravel... while I showed the troops out onto the second loop:

Hasse leads them out on lap two

Selle after him...


Hasse halfway round...

Micke on the CRF

Sam contorts the 690E around


Yours truly on the old QE II

By day two, Hasse was getting to grips with his new FE 570

Gee... this thing IS a bit wider than the Gasgas!

Rally Rhino on the enduro trail

Micke keeps circulating...

Mekano-son on the pegs

Sam stays seated

Hasse calls it a day...

Troy and Hasse discuss the weather

Hasse seems more than pleased with his Husa FE 570 Rallye Build (thanks must go to our aussie mate SafariBerg for his help and advice on the project).

Hasse actually loaned me the bike on Saturday afternoon (I did a lap of the 40 km navigation stage we laid out in the Högsma forest)... what an absolute dream bike to ride...! 570cc of grunt... as lithe and nimble as a 450 enduro bike... all the nav gear tucked away up behind the MecaSystem cockpit and 180 km fuel range (necessary for TRUAREG Rallye) is achieved by using the original tank combined with a 70 degrees racing rear subframe tank, and an "insurance" 5 liter MecaSystem alloy rear side tank (behind the LHS sideplate - not yet fitted).

The result...? A VERY sleek and slim rallye bike that (aside from the nav tower on the nose) that is just so easy to throw around.

Cappe, petter and Mekano-son discuss the technicalities of the enduro trail

Cappe and Petter swap stories

Energizer Bunny... Nora Micke 4th lap

Mekano-son heads out for another lap on his 690E... Björn was introduced (by yours truly) to offraod and navigational rallies in 2005 on an old TT600 Yamaha. Five years later and he is an addict... armed with a newly purchased R 2010 KTM 690R next year Mekano-son plans to participate in the 2011 TUAREG Rallye.

Selle hard at it

Sam calls it a day...

Troy photo's Micke as he completes lap 5...

as he flashes past...

Selle on his 4th lap

Mekano-son dives into the hole for a second time

Selle comes through same spot

And then... it was all over...

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Bloody brilliant mate
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Well done Troy. Not a lot of offroad riding options in Western Europe but a fair bit in the Swedish portion it seems?
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Mod Squad
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Nice dirty action! Looks like a fun event! Thanks for the report and pics

Moved to Day Trippin'
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troy safari carpente OP
Team f5ool
troy safari carpente's Avatar
Joined: Nov 2005
Location: "Pearl of the sound" - f5ederation of scandwegia
Oddometer: 20,152
Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
Nice dirty action! Looks like a fun event! Thanks for the report and pics

Moved to Day Trippin'
tah... didn't realise there was a ride report forum for rides of three days or less... Day tripin'... who'd a thunk it?!
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